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Underpin is a simple command line utility written in Python that allows developers to generate new projects from customizable templates.




Related Projects

Yaki - Wiki-like Python-based CMS

The project has moved to https://github.com/rcarmo/Yaki - permanently. Yaki is a Wiki-like CMS written in Python that relies on filesystem storage and caching. It was used as the underpinnings of the The Tao of Mac, and is based on the excellent Snakelets application server. Sites Using it:Moo (the testing grounds, occasionally off-line with a static page) uszla.me.uk (Toby White's XHTML-compliant tweaks, shaping up nicely)

Poka-yoke - Poka-yoke is a static analysis tool that uses regular expressions to find defects

Poka-yoke is a static analysis tool that uses regular expressions to find defects. The idea behind poka-yoke is similar to the philosophy that underpins the Japanese management strategy of the same name. Humans make mistakes and programmers are human beings. The trick to making mistakes is to never repeat them. Poka-yoke allows you to write regular expressions that capture the essence of that kind of error and once written you can check every file in your code-base for defects of that type. Poka

Infotasksframework - Information Tasks Framework

The aim of this project is to design a general data model and application programming interface that can be used to build a family of 'Information Task' applications, which are applications that allow to submit, organize, browse, and search items of information. Examples of such applications include: private and community blogs, portals, resource pages, directories, social tagging systems, bug trackers, message boards, help systems, wikis, forums, and many others. In the future, it seems possibl


IRK is a Tcl client side library for IRC (Internet Relay Chat) programming. Its aim is to provide the underpinnings for IRC clients (e.g. chat clients, robots, services) written in Tcl. IRK takes care of the details of the IRC (RFC1459) protocol, allowing

Jjoost - A Complete Replacement For the JDK Map/Set Collections framework

What is jjoost?jjoost aims to be a complete replacement to the existing Java Collections API and all projects that extend it. The aim is to provide a better, faster, configurable and more functionally complete feature set. jjoost is currently in pre-alpha condition; i.e. the majority of functionality has been provided but neither documented nor tested, nor had community input. If you would like to take a look at what has been produced, please access the Mercurial repository for the latest source

Cages - A distributed synchronization library for Zookeeper

Version 0.806A distributed synchronization library for ZookeeperCages is a Java library of distributed synchronization primitives that uses the Apache ZooKeeper system. If you can run a ZooKeeper machine or cluster, then you can use Cages to synchronize and coordinate data access, data manipulation and data processing, configuration change and more esoteric things like cluster membership across multiple machines. Usage examples Cassandra is part of a new breed of fast database that can be easily

Csharptest-net - CSharpTest.Net's Code Library

Welcome to the CSharpTest.Net code libraryProject Home: http://csharptest.net Jira TortoiseSVN Issue TrackerLooking for the JiraSVN issue tracker integration for TortoiseSVN and Subversion? It moved to github.com! You can get JiraSVN Downloads there or view the JiraSVN Installation Guide . Library Historyv1.11.924.348 Minor update release: Addition of Cyrpto.SecureTransfer to provide file transfers via shared public keys. The Crypto.AESCryptoKey now has ToArray() and FromBytes() like other keys.

Evolve-backbone - The Backbone component language

Backbone is the component language and runtime that underpins the Evolve component modeling approach. It provides a simple and comprehensive language for creating, composing, extending and evolving components. The runtime engine currently works with Java, and can make use of existing JavaBeans or the more powerful Backbone leaves. The first open source release of Backbone has been checked into the repository. The additional unit test suites will follow over time. This release also includes the D

Securebuild - SecureBuild is a University of Wollongong CSCI321 Project development project

Secure Build is a security design and simulation program based on CAD underpinnings.

Trak-metamodel-uml-profile - The Rail Architecture Framework UML Profile

The Rail Architecture Framework (TRAK) is an enterprise architecture modelling framework which enables real world things in a transport domain and their relationships to be represented in a consistent way. It includes the following 'perspectives' - Capability, Operational, Procurement, Solution (Functional and Physical) and Management. The project provides the UML profile that can be used (we hope) with architectural modelling tools to provide the set of objects and relationships (stereotypes) t