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The underlayer is a symmetric decentralized parallel computing and load balancing framework, providing c, perl and java APIs for distributed job management.




Related Projects


This project aims the requirement of managed information in the treatment of patients, i.e. integrated care. The underlaying data model implements standards of electronic health recording, the project is based on a C/S based SQL db, Java framework.


PVLE is a C++ lightweight cross-platform game engine (real-time visualisation/simulation engine), using OSG (OpenSceneGraph) and ODE (OpenDynamicsEngine) among other libs. It differs from other engines in the way it does not hide underlaying libraries.

Pxse - PXSE

The PHP Engine MVC-style web engine with underlaying framework to ease debugging, database connections etc. The framework follows ruby's rails framework and makes use of ActiveRecord, Debugging, Logging, Migrations and Environments. You may also look at PHPDoc API.

Cosmud - A diku derivative mud. With a very twisted sense of itself.

Rising back from the ashes of the ages. COSmud is being brought back to life. We will be starting back from a base build of the resort code. Some points along the project path. We will want to rebuild the underlaying flat file structure and push for a actual full featured database back end. A rebuild of the area file system to allow for a world map that is far better then the current implementation. A reintroduction of the skill system used by the old COSmud. The desire to build a simple to use


Glyphx underlays your transparent taskbar with glyphs from the matrix and cyberspace, this projection makes your monitor emit a certain frequency, these waves infiltrate your brain and boosts your alpha waves, making you more productive and an efficient hacker.

Dyn-css - A JavaScript library for changing colors (colors AND images) insinde CSS files on-the-fly

What is it?A JavaScript library which uses the Canvas (but offline generation is also supported) element for creating referenced images with another color on-the-fly in the browser. It also changes colors in the CSS file if it's a lighter or darker variant of the base color. Just the demo please!Here's a very simple demo (included in SVN) where you can change a background image and text on by setting a new color: Here's a real world example (which uses ExtJS; see it in HD; contains normal theme

Js-klib - Collection of usefull JavaScript decorators and routines

PurposeThis library is inteded for use by advanced JavaScript developers. It contains usefull decorators for JavaScript functions, that are reusable across projects. Please see examples for list of features. ExamplesLoggingLog messages to console (for example Firebug console): klib.log('indexOf', 'S', 'in', 'JavaScript', 'is', 'JavaScript'.indexOf('S'));DecoratorsLogging function executionEvery execution of underlaying function will be logged to console along with function result. function fibon

Unidbaccess - Unidbaccess framework aims to provide unified access to any database for Cocoa develop

Unidbaccess (Universal database access) framework aims to provide Cocoa developers with means of unified access to any of the relational database managements systems. Also it's goal is to provide clean and simple API, while hiding underlaying implementation of communication with database.

Utegnu - A program for psychiatric journal keeping.

utegnu is a database driven application written in C++ for journal keeping and patient evaluation in Swedish psychiatric health care.It is designed for Microsoft Windows 2000/XP and is using the win32 API directly.Originally designed with sqlite as an underlaying database, utegnu is now making a switch to MySQL for stability.

Zajel - embedded communication framework for multi-threaded/multi-core environment

zajel is a generic communication framework for real-time embedded systems. zajel provides its users with a unified communication framework which abstracts users from both the underlaying operating system and hardware platform. zajel supports both blocking and non blocking messaging between software modules whether they run in a multi-threading, multi-core and/or multi-processor environment.