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EvilEntity Linux is a i686 based multimedia-focused desktop OS designed for desktop home computers and professional multimedia productivity. It provides the Linux user with a Linux system optimized for audio, video, and desktop work.




Related Projects

Undeadlivescripts - Scripts for interacting with the UndeadLive web interface

UndeadLive Scripts enhances the UndeadLive web-based interface with a number of useful features. The features currently include: Calculations, including attack, defense, royalty, and property ROI Enhanced attack navigation through additional buttons One click healing and banking Rampage filtering, highlighting, and sorting Convenience buttons, such as famous empires and slayers Input formatting, including court codes, deposits, and withdrawals Track battle statistics, including gold earned and a

Undead-defense - A top down Shooter with Tower Defense elements.

UNDEAD DEFENSEA top down shooter with Tower Defense elementsWritten in C++ with SDL. Tile based Tower Defense game, with interactive gameplay. and zombies The project is very basic for now, as I'm slowly building it along side school and such. POSSIBLE MAJOR UPDATE:I think I'll turn this project into a top down Nazi Zombies type survival game. All the current elements can be kept intact, and with a better focus on what I'm doing, I can really get the project going again. The theory behind towerd

Gbank-ninja - GBank Ninja is designed to provide critical information to World of Warcraft guilds ab

GBank NinjaGBank Ninja is designed to provide critical information to World of Warcraft guilds about their banks. This is created for Guild Masters who want to account for their donations in some form or another. Supports Auctioneer parsing for local server pricing and valuation of goods deposited. Provides a total summary of donations by player, by class, and even breaks it down further. Creator: Bloodchills 70 Undead Warlock, Skullcrusher. Email: bloodchills@gmail.com Date: January 29th, 2008

Chengband - A roguelike game derived from Hengband

This is a fork of the roguelike dungeon adventure game, Hengband. The purpose of the game is to defeat the dreaded Serpent of Chaos. You may play a variety of races including elves, hobbits, dwarves, half giants, half trolls and even various undead races. You may play a variety of classes including hack and slash warriors or spell wielding mages. The game is littered with powerful and rare artifacts to assist you on your challenging quest. But the road is long. The enemy's forces have grown nume

Jslaughter - topdown zombie survival game

JSlaughter is a topdown zombie survival-game on top of the NVFrame Framework. Main Development by Nik Van Looy Don't forget to try the demo at the downloads page! Jslaughter is compatible with Windows, Mac OSX and Linux In-game screenshot: small demo of the zombie AI (aggression and team behaviour), weapons and item pickups (we even have a flamethrower!) Keys: Z Q S D: movement shift: run 1 & 2 (not numpad): change weapon engine options: F-keys right click: shoot Nik Van Looy More info soon...

Envyscape - A project by Russian and Shoes48

Stable server base on two races: The Elves (Saradomin) and the Undead (Zamorak). Built on a stable, clean base the server can support a large amount of clients connected.

Aftershock-tools - Tools to work with Aftershock online games

The various games produced by Aftershock have led to community-driven development efforts. This is a project collecting such efforts in one place.

Undead-lock - Academic project to dealing with deadlock

Simulates the execution of multiple processes with respect to their resource allocation and resource release requests, and detect when (or if) deadlock occurs. If deadlock occurs, the program will then display a list of the processes and resources involved in the deadlock.

Metatronplusx - Metatron Plus X

Metatron Plus v05.21.09 Features: Updated for Age of Rebirth(#43) Science is more accurate now for all races Updated Undead race in all servers Removed (number Soldiers 1%) in the dragon cost Supports Genesis server Aid Page - Updated Aid to show the right Trade Balance All races in both server now have accurate defense/offense Supports FF versions upto 3.6 & Flock upto 2.5 TODO: Unique Formatter in Sidebar Saves Spells to sidebar

Thenewera - RuneScape Revolutionary Private Server

The New Era Hello, and welcome to my newest project, The New Era (TNE). I figured that with 317/377 server's getting old, we have to look at new idea's bring back the good old days. So I have thought of a WHOLE new idea: Avatar-based Server. Example: http://godsoftime.com Server Ip: battleland.no-ip.org When you start the game, you will choose a race Human or Undead. From those two you will choose Human, Gnome, Elf, Zombie, Skeleton ect... When you choose a race, you get that npc as your body. C