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Model un binding for route value dictionaries




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Proper-editing-plugin - Plugin providing sane(r) editing functions for gedit

Move/select/delete next/previous word, reimplemented to be friendlier for code editing. Camelcase, numerics, punctuation, whitespace and linebreaks are all considered text boundaries separately. For example, delete-previous-word on a line containing only punctuation will no longer delete everything up to and including the first alphanumeric word on the previous line. To install, download the package, extract to your gedit plugin directory, restart gedit, enable the plugin in preferences, and set

Numpad-decimal-separator - Numpad decimal separator plugin for jQuery

Current Release1.1.4 IntroWith this jQuery plugin you can configure what character to use for the numpad decimal separator. This plugin is tested with jsTestDriver and jasmine. DependenciesjQuery (http://jquery.com) jQuery extension functionsnumpadDecSeparator this function has three options: separator: the separator to use when a user presses the numpad decimal separator key. Only used when the option useRegionalSettings is false. Defaults to ','. You can also use one of the predefined variable

Dev2net - Network enable your local devices

Why I am a PC controlled quality testers integrator and many times I am unable to unplug/detach devices from testers and have to develop standing in from them. Testing of serial protocols and IO control sequences is best performed isolated from GUI stuff from within an scripting environment. I also very much prefer working on my Ubuntu laptop over the Windows box these testers have. So I desperately need a tool to remotely control and script opto22 snappac and rs232 devices. Dev2net is to be tha

Pyglet-shaders - Feed GLSL shaders into OpenGL from Python (uses pyglet bindings)

http://code.google.com/p/pyglet-shaders/ Python wrapper to compile, link, use OpenGL GLSL shaders, using pyglet bindings. StatusMinimally complete and working. \\o/ See 'known problems' UsageFor an example usage, see functionaltests/ft001-big-green-diamond.py cd functionaltestspython ft001-big-green-diamond.pyThis won't work if your hardware doesn't support shaders. Basically, In your Python program, go: vs = VertexShader(['src1', 'src2'])fs = FragmentShader(['src1', 'src2'])shader = ShaderProgr

Events-on-fire - Events-On-Fire is an asynchronous eventing mechanism for Java with weak references

events-on-fireThe repeated implementation of the listener pattern for Java is a boring task which cannot be easily abstracted. Events-On-Fire is a way to get rid of this. Events-On-Fire offers a simple mechanism to fire events across your application without the need for any configuration and without the danger of memory leaks. A simple exampleImagine, you have some sort of mailbox that occasionally tends to receive mails and some narrators that like to read these mails. Object mailbox = new MyM

VS Unbind Source Control

Remove Source Control bindings from Visual Studio Solution and Project Files

Unbind - Datacenter and DNS management plus datacenter equipment inventory

Software for data center management. It enables standardization on resource names and host names and IP assignment. Work in progress also on IPv6 compatibility and data center cabling management.

Foxnet-codec - A lightweight and easy to use yet fast Java Serialization API

FoxNet Codec-PAUSED- A lightweight and easy to use yet fast Java Serialization APIAre you tired of serializing data by hand because the built-in Java Serialization is not fast enough and needs a lot of memory but the existing solutions are not simple or fast enough to be worth the additional effort ? Then maybe FoxNet Codec could be the right choice for you! What exactly is FoxNet Codec ?FoxNet Codec is a Serialization API for Java, which means that it can convert objects into a sequence of byte

Proto-engine - 2D Game Engine powered by V8 JavaScript

ProtoEngine is a general-purpose, fast 2D game engine, using JavaScript powered by Google's V8 JavaScript engine. You can get acquainted with the engine on the Getting Started page. And, of course, here is the obligatory Hello, World (for v0.3 Alpha): var console = require('console');addListener('loaded', function () { console.log('Hello, World!');});Or, if you prefer actual graphics: var video = require('video');var font;addListener('loaded', function () { font = new video.Font('AndaleMono.ttf'

Multisparks - a jQuery plugin for a sparkline comparison control

MultiSparks is a jQuery plugin that uses sparklines to compare datasets at different scales. For example, if you need to display data for a dataset with (qualitative) values between 0 and 4, one between -5 and 5 and one between 0 and 250. Rather than rely on multiple y-axes, this plugin displays each dataset as an individual sparkline with a highlighter to track the selected values across the charts. Featuressortable list of sparklines sparklines can be added or removed dynamically the display i