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Unattended-gui is now named URANOS. Please check out the new side: https://sourceforge.net/projects/uranos/




Related Projects

System Inventory and Monitoring Tool Set

This is an add-on tool set for the Unattended GUI project (http://unattended-gui.sourceforge.net/). The goal is to simplify getting and setting system enviroment properties of an client pc in an network.

Files-2-exist-db - A Java application that watches a folder for new files and stores those new files

Files2ExistFiles-2-exist-db (f2e) is a command line (no gui) Java application that watches a set of file folders for new files. When a file has been detected and when that file stops growing, f2e stores that file in eXist-db using an http put call. Once the file has been successfully stored in eXist-db, the original file is deleted. Think of this as a simple middleware application with that implements the EAI File Transfer pattern. See http://www.eaipatterns.com/toc.html and http://www.eaipatter

Dotnetdeployer - A Program that Downloads the .net framework and installs it silently, then executed

Download source : http://code.google.com/p/dotnetdeployer/downloads/detail?name=main.cpp&can=2&q= .NET Framework is seeming to be the "future", managed code, quicker development blah blah whatever the pros and cons of it. The problem? say around 70% of computers have the .Net framework, thats a rough estimate. How do you target the 30% who don't have it? well you could recode your application into a native language, something that people constantly say to me as if it was as easy as pressing a bu

Vss2git - Migrate Microsoft Visual SourceSafe repositories to Git

What is it?The Vss2Git project contains several components: Vss2Git is a Windows GUI application that exports all or parts of an existing Microsoft Visual SourceSafe 6.0 (VSS) (Wikipedia) repository to a new Git repository. It attempts to construct meaningful changesets (i.e. Git commits) based on chronologically grouping individual project/file revisions. VssDump is a console-based diagnostic tool that prints a plain-text dump of the contents of a VSS repository. VssLogicalLib provides a .NET A