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Create a video quickly and easily using an MP3 file and a picture. Then upload it to YouTube.



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Tuio-as3-lib - A TUIO Client in AS3 for ease development

An AS3 library with a TUIO client for agile flash/actionscript development of TUIO enabled applications (basically related to reacTIVision). More info at TUIO site This project uses the OSC AS3 library and the Flosc server as a gateway to successfully connect UDP/OSC/TUIO apps to TCP/IP/XML flash apps You may contact me at tranxete(at)gmail(dot)com Last update on repository (24/09/2009):Added the new /tuio/2Dblb profile defined in TUIO 1.1 specs. Last update on repository (21/09/2009):TCP connec

Facebook-rails - Full Facebook platform support for Rails including Model, View and Controller

Facebook on Rails is a sexy plugin for developing Facebook appsThe author (Hoan) has discontinued support for this plugin. Sexy stuff:acts_as_fb_user FBMLController (with url_for and redirect_to that work) ActionMailer-style notifications, invitiations, requests, news-feed publishing, and profile updating API calls return ruby objects, parsed from XML You still have access to the `fbsession' variable just like RFacebook. InstallationEverything you need is in the plugin. ./script/plugin install -

UMusic - Ubutun Music Client

Ubutun Music Client