UMR Robotics Team Repository

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Projects by the University of Missouri, Rolla Robotics Team. Includes: software for raceing off road autonomously(pending), FIRST Robotics Tools, Software from our website, and other tools.



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Procamcalib - Projector-Camera Calibration Toolbox for Matlab

Projector-Camera Calibration ToolboxThis toolbox is an extension of the "Camera Calibration Toolbox" of Jean-Yves Bouguet. It permits to easily calibrate a projector-camera system by means of a plane-based method. Authors: Gabriel Falcao, Natalia Hurtos, Joan Massich All of them students into the VIBOT - Erasmus Mundus Masters in Vision and Robotics in 2007/2009. Supervisor: David Fofi Professor at the University of Burgundy, Le2i UMR CNRS 6306 - IUT Le Creusot. WARNING: the Camera Calibration T

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