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UMLS::Query is an umbrella for projects that create measures of semantic similarity for the biomedical domain. Our current project is UMLS-Interface and UMLS-Similarity. Our JBI-2007 article was based on Semantic-Similarity and Snomed-Interface.



Related Projects

Linqtordf - A Semantic Web framework for .NET

LinqToRdf is a Semantic Web framework for .NET. It provides an easy way to integrate Semantic Web queries into your software. At the core of the system sits a LINQ query provider (like LINQ to SQL) that converts your queries into the SPARQL query language. You don't have to know that much SPARQL or RDF to be able to use it. It also provides a UML-style design surface allowing you to create RDF files, and to generate compatible C# code to work with the RDF. It provides developers with an intuitiv

Mfuqa - QA system from Mae Fah Luang University

Quality Assurance Code project,For mfu developers (students) to share code that develop by Spring Framework by using RIA (Rich Internet Application) Approch to design. For this project you must have follow tools. JDK 6.0 (Java Framework: Netbeans 6.5.1 (IDE tools: Dreamweaver CS3 (For design and prototype: please prepare) IE 7 up (for testing: default for Windows sytem) jQuery 1.3.x (for RIA model: ) MySQL 5.x (for Database: http://


Parse and harvest existing source code Create RAS compliant assets Sub-Second Code Searching (Class inherits QUERY, Implements QUERY, etc...) Reverse engineer source code to UML (Class Diagram and Sequence Diagrams) And much much more

Iec2010 - Small application that queries MeSH terms from UMLS in order to retrieve related MedLine p

Small application that queries MeSH terms from UMLS in order to retrieve related MedLine papers' abstracts

Ytex - Yale cTAKES Extensions

IntroductionYTEX is: Clinical NLP: A robust, general-purpose clinical natural language processing system based on the Clinical Text Analysis and Knowledge Extraction System (cTAKES). Semantic Similarity: YTEX provides a framework for computing the similarity between pairs of concepts; this is integrated with clinical NLP, Data Mining, and Feature Engineering tools. Data Mining: YTEX provides tools to export UIMA annotations to machine learning packages, including Weka, R, Matlab, SAS, Libsvm, SV

ECM Developer

An Eclipse plug-in for the IBM FileNet P8 Content Engine and CMIS

Twouse - Semantic Web + Model Driven Development

With TwoUse Toolkit you bridge the gap between Semantic Web and Model Driven Engineering. It is an implementation of current OMG and W3C standards for software design, code generation and OWL ontology engineering. Semantic Web Enabled Software EngineeringIf you are a model driven software developer, you can: Describe UML class diagrams using OWL ontology class descriptions. Semantically search for UML classes, UML properties and UML instances in your UML class diagrams. Extent software design pa

Recfwk - Recommender Evaluation Framework

OverviewFor end-usersUsage examplesDocumentationDetailsFor framework developersTo compileTo unit testTo run javadoc, checkstyle and generate distribution/release filesMisc OverviewThis software framework provides basic code for helping the process of designing and implementing recommender engines. For end-usersUsage examplesFlickr example to come soon. DocumentationAPI/Javadoc documentation is distributed with the source package and is also available online. DetailsWhen studying recommender algo

Groovy-oracle - Oracle Utility project

Oracle schema/data administration with GroovyOracle/JDBC problemsExamplesImport and ExportImport of a database tableExport of a database tableMeta data support Oracle schema/data administration with GroovyThis is an utility project to administrate an Oracle schema with Groovy. Following functions are supported: Read Oracle meta informations Calling of SQL*Plus with Groovy Import/Export of data ... The Here you find the Release Notes. Take at look OracleSchemaInfos. Oracle/JDBC problemsJava/JDBC

Ule - Ubiquitous Learning Environment

Ubiquitous Learning Environment project, For MFU student This project use follow tools: JDK 6.0 Netbeans IDE 6.5.1 Dreamweaver CS3 Spring Framework 3.0 MyQL 5.x Navicat or other db management tools DBDesigner for create ER ArgoUML AndroMDA jQuery 1.3.x (for RIA model: ) CDC SDK (J2ME for Smart Phone, PDA) Team: please follow guideline at Wiki