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uml2svg is a tool for converting UML diagrams into SVG. The diagrams have to conform with the UML Diagram Interchange 1.0 Specification, which at this time means they have be exported by Poseidon for UML.



Related Projects


This project provides UML extensions to JGraph (, a XMI ( doclet for Javadoc (, and XMI to SVG/PNG converters.

Cuml2svg - cUml2svg: coded UML 2 SVG

cUml2svg (coded UML 2 SVG) a Java-like language for UML representation and svg generation. See Example for some usage examples (docs)

Moten-util - Miscellaneous java and scala utilities

FeaturesThere are multiple artifacts deployed to the moten-util maven repository (see below). These artifacts and/or svn source code collectively offer a number of features including: UML2 Class Diagram Generator for Eclipse 3.5 Oracle Ant tasks (including LoadJava and SqlPlus) kml 2.1 and 2.2 jaxb generated classes jaxb generated classes for XMLSchema.xsd (xsd-jaxb) SOWPODS word list lookup maven artifact Mandelbrot fractal viewer and movie generator using DoubleDouble for extra precision Sampl

Mercury-90 - A modified version of mercury (by Chambers, 1999) in fortran 90

Warning*.py files are easily modifiable BUT you need some python modules that are available on : AimIntroduction of fortran 90 modules, modification of arguments. The aim is to keep the original behaviour of mercury. The present code must respect : Fully compatible with mercury configuration files (,, and so on) MUST return exactly the same results than the original 'mercury' binaries. A python script has been made to be sure o