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UML2SQL is a discontinued project.



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This program generates code from an UML Dia Diagram. Currently supported languages are: Ada, C, C++, C#, IDL, Java, PHP, PHP5, Python, Ruby, shapefiles and SQL.

rpm-uml es un repositorio público de modelos UML

rpm-uml es repositorio público de modelos UML en entorno web desarrollado en ASP.NET 2.0 y SQL Server

System Architect

Cross-platform System Architecting tool; ERD (logical/physical), SQL editor, and UML. MySQL, PostgreSQL, DB2, Firebird, MS SQL, Interbase, Oracle, Sybase, etc. Linux, XP, OSX, Solaris, etc. Developed with Qt, ODBC.

Moten-util - Miscellaneous java and scala utilities

FeaturesThere are multiple artifacts deployed to the moten-util maven repository (see below). These artifacts and/or svn source code collectively offer a number of features including: UML2 Class Diagram Generator for Eclipse 3.5 Oracle Ant tasks (including LoadJava and SqlPlus) kml 2.1 and 2.2 jaxb generated classes jaxb generated classes for XMLSchema.xsd (xsd-jaxb) SOWPODS word list lookup maven artifact Mandelbrot fractal viewer and movie generator using DoubleDouble for extra precision Sampl

Ampatu - 911 Computer-Assisted-Dispatch System using python, web2py and postgres

Ampatu is a 911 Emergency Event Management web application running on top of the web2py Python framework and PostgreSQL database. Goals: Easy to use Simple and customizable design Minimal maintenance Low cost & commodity hardware support Free software (open source) based on volunteer collaboration Features: Incident archiving: event type, reporting party, telephone transcript synopsis, phone/911/radio operator and custom data (for Fire, Police & Emergency Medical Services, Simple 4 state

Choreganizer - Java calendar with scheduling

ChoreganizerAboutJava 1.6 calendar with task scheduling, allowing you to add single and repeating tasks. This is a rather sophomoric program written years ago in about 3 weeks time. I had no real plan on how the program was actually going to work, just an idea for what I wanted the program to do. It's not the prettiest program ever written, but it functions. I'm (slowly) working on a new version of this program, which is a complete overhaul of the existing code. I drafted out a UML diagram, deci

DIA2SQL - DIA 2 SQL statements

Dia2SQL is a Perl script to convert UML objects in DIA ( see for more info on DIA ). Currently, it processes Dia documents exported as Encapsulated PostScript ( EPS ).

Coti - CoTI

Software para Contratação de Serviços e Produtos de Tecnologia da Informação. O CoTI nasceu como projeto final de uma equipe da turma 2011.1 do curso de Bacharelado em Sistemas de Informação, do IFAL (Instituto Federal de Alagoas), em exigência da disciplina de Fundamentos de Programação para Internet. Tem como objetivo prover agilidade aos processos de Solicitação e Contratação de Soluções de tecnologia da Infromação. Seu desenvolvimento baseia-se no Modelo de Contratação de

Qr-marks-the-spot-team2 - A location based game project utilizing QR code readers.

You can quickly access QR Marks The Spot or view the user manual. QR Marks The Spot is a brand new location based game project utilizing QR code readers. The users are able to create new games as well as join in existing ones. The games can be about numerous fabulous adventures such as treasure hunting and hide-and-seek. Besides using technological advancements(QR codes and the web itself), the players have the opportunity to play along in real life. The game creates a wonderful platform for mee