UMDS - Unified Model of Data Storing

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UMDS is small, strong and expansible project. The model offers a uniform method of conceptual view of the diverse data as a sequence of bits and a uniform method of keeping and processing this sequence on the external storage.



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JTreeMap / KTreeMap

JTreeMap is a Swing Component which represents a tree structure with rectangles (a TreeMap. See KTreeMap is the SWT component for treemapping (see It is an Eclipse plugin.

Jumdbrowser - A PSP UMD ISO/CSO image file browser, code from jpcsp emulator.

Current features:Grid style list of UMD iso/cso files in one folder. UMD iso/cso XMB style banner preview, PMF video & non-Atrack3+ audio supported on win32. UMD internal name, disc ID, firmware version, etc preview. TODO:Detail UMD parameter data viewer. UMD file explorer. UMD files extract & import. Link:The main code which is from brilliant emulator hosts on following:

Jumd - An UMD tool written in java

Jumd is a java UMD tool, can be used to parse or make a UMD file. UMD is a widely-used mobile ebook format in China. But there isn't an official document to describe it. So I refer to some resources in Internet, many thanks to them: Here are features of jumd 0.01, you can find their usage in test package: Parse an umd file to a java obj

Jshop2-rt - A fork off of the JSHOP2 HTN planner project optimized for real-time planning

SHOP2 (see is a hierarchical task network planning algorithm. The original JSHOP2 project is a high-performance precompiled port of the SHOP2 LISP implementation. Forking rationaleThe JSHOP2-RT branch is a fork of the original JSHOP2 code that contains optimizations towards real-time planning, primarily intended for use in games. The fork is primarily because the motivation is drawn away from research and off-line, long-running planning tasks, and towards a

TreeMap Java Library

A treemap visualization java library, to implement Shneiderman's treemap easily ( Shows efficiently tree data as a rectangle colored map. Usefull to monitor thousand of files in a little window.

Terperature - University of Maryland Temperature Inefficiency Identification Application

IntroductionTerperature allows users to report heating and cooling inefficiencies throughout campus. Staff responsible for heating and cooling can analyze aggregated data. It was developed as part of an effort to improve sustainability throughout the UMD campus, and in fulfillment of the requirements for CMSC 434, Introduction to Human-Computer Interaction. It consists of a web application that allows students and faculty to easily and quickly report excesses in heating or cooling. Terperature a