Umber Tools

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The Umber project provides simple, flexible, quot;earthyquot; Java tool libraries for developers. The tools supplement common tasks like XML handling, data processing, and PDF generation, but without the complex and arcane APIs of most modern implementations.



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AboutNot only computational molecular biologists or bioinformaticians use the Protein Data Bank PDB. Biologists, chemists, pharmacists, and many others can use it as well. If you are interested in a particular protein you may want to look up the basic information on your mobile Android phone. cmBot is an Android PDB client enabling you to get the look-up done in no time at all! MotivationLast summer I bought my first smartphone. It runs Google’s Linux-based operating system Android. When a pro

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DescriptionThis is a super simple and friendly document sharing app. This app is the front-end to store files on amazon's s3 infrastructure giving you unlimited file size, umber fast network bandwidth, and did I mention, it's simple. RequiresWeb Server to host the app (but not the uploaded files) Boto an amazon s3 account Install InstructionsInstall Boto Copy these files to your web server. EG Rename the keys.cfg to .keys.cfg and put in your codes. Screen ShotsScreen

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''' Created on Jun 7, 2010 @author: pabstsmear ''' if name == 'main': pass import poplib, email, string, subprocess, time, smtplib from email.mime.text import MIMEText PIPE = subprocess.PIPE STDOUT = subprocess.STDOUT while 1: ogin to gmail. M = poplib.POP3_SSL(host='', port=995) M.user("blah") M.pass("+++++++") umber of messages on server. numMessages = len(M.list()1) if M.stat()0 > 0: et message and index subject. for i in range(numMessages): msg = M.retr(i+1) str1 = string.join(m

umber-green - Umber and green monochrome monitor nostalgia.

Umber and green monochrome monitor nostalgia.

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1. The WhyBecause both Nero and EAC (Exact Audio Copy) are complete arses when it comes to supporting cue files (On one side, EAC generates non-logical CUE sheets and on the other Nero still produces coasters if it sees out of order data), cuemaker automates the creation of CDDA CUE sheets with CD-Text, from ripped CDDA tracks, by parsing the information already present in the file names. 2. The HowWell, let's say you have the following files in your directory (And FYI, yes, I do own an original