Ultima Java

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Ultima I-V RPGs redeveloped in Java. Initial goal is a faithful remake of the Ultima 1 re-release by Origin for the IBM PC that runs on any computer with a Java/SuperWaba VM and bitmapped graphics. Ultimately, it will run on most modernish platforms.




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Guard Zone

This program is designed to automate game process such as resource mining, stuff production and alike operations based on repeated actions for Ultima Online. It will help to improve experience of your character.

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A roguelike game with Ultima elements, based on the classic game Ultima: Escape from Mt. Drash

Jultima-online - Scripting Ultima Online

JUltima lets you to script Ultima Online in Java programming language.

Java apple computer emulator

Cross-platform Apple //e emulator

juo - java ultima online client

Java based Ultima Online Client

Szoftverlabor-42 - Digital Simulator Pro 2011 Ultima Prime

Az élet, a világmindenség meg minden. Viszlát és kösz a halakat. Jobbára ártalmatlan

Retribution-rpg - A topdown RPG inspired by Ultima 1-3

Team RetributionTeam Retribution's project is a single player Ultima inspired top-down RPG where the player controls the hero and embarks on a mighty quest full of danger and intrigue. The story begins in ye old times of yore. A dark mist has crossed the village Soddam. The village people have requested your help to purge the village of an almighty thrusting spearhead of Gaudy Maurauders. The project is being written using the Java programming language by a team of seven heros. The basics for th

Xmldb4java - db xml for java

XmlDB for javaUse:Copy this file dbxml.properties in the classpath of your library. Set xmldb.connection Code: Configuration cfg = new Configuration(); cfg.buildConfiguration(); SessionFactory sessionFactory = cfg.getSessionFactory(); Session session = sessionFactory.getSession(); Transaction tx = session.beginTransaction(); Cellulare cellulare = new Cellulare(); cellulare.setDettaglio("12345666767882"); Contatto contatto = new Contatto(); contatto.setCognome("Cognome"); contatto.setNome("Nome")

Last Online

Last Online is a free and open-sourced MMORPG game. It consists in two main modules, a server and a client to play with. It is inspired by Ultima Online game but tries to implements a new gameplay and a better gaming experience.