User-level Log-structured File System

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We have been developing User-level Log-structured Filesystem using FUSE(Filesystem in userspace).



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uLFS: Your Manageable Linux From Scratch

A set of tools to build your own customed Linux distribution with more managability than raw LFS(Linux From Scratch). Include source package manager, file system backup and realtime mirror apps, and some assistant data structure writen in Python, etc...

Step-php-template-engine - STEP (Simplest Template Engine Practical) -- PHP template class

Very simple syntax and designed to keep program logic out of your template files and in your PHP source. This utility class can serve admirably as a base class for your customized template engine, or be used as-is. STEP isn't likely to conflict with your existing namespaces, either. Based on PEAR::HTML_Template_IT v1.20 by Ulf Wendel <> and Pierre-Alain Joye <> Sample usage: $template->set('name',$name); $data = array('age' => 21, 'hairstyle' => 'mullet'); $temp

Radiomark-yourls-plugin - A plugin for the YOURLS URL shortener made for the Radiomark project

A plugin for the YOURLS URL shortener, made for the diploma thesis project "Radiomark" by Ulf Stoffels

Erlocaml - A tight bridge between Erlang and OCaml

We've been using Erlang in commercial products for over 10 years now, and it's taken about that long to get into a position where we're considered a viable player for mission-critical product development. In order to get there, we've also been extolling the virtues of functional programming in general, and often cited Ocaml as an example of how you don't have to sacrifice low-level performance. We feel that the ongoing paradigm shift towards multicore architectures is really helping our cause. T

Sdocml - A Structured Documentation System

A system for writing well-structured documentation in a section-oriented form that can be translated to HTML, PDF or any other format. What does it doText is written in an XML format designed to be easily human readable and writable - to avoid writing everything in XML, the system supports TeX-style macro-like constructions (the macro system is not Turing complete). This is translated into a single pure XML file, which can then be translated into different end-formats (HTML, TeX etc.) A few of t

Polymul - Fast multivariate polynomial multiplication in C++

IntroductionPolymul is a self-contained C++ template library for efficient multiplication of multivariate polynomials. It is intended for low order polynomials of a few variables, but is in principle limited only by the compiler's maximum template recursion depth. Polynomials can be created over any scalar type, such as integers or floating point numbers. In addition to normal polynomial multiplication the library can also do truncated (Taylor series) multiplication, as well as linear changes of

Gpsd-4-win - GPSd for Windows

GPSd is required by several Open Source programs that deal with GPS receivers: navit, viking, gpsdrive, GMapCatcher ... only to name a few. Unfortunately, the GPSd website states: "No, we don't support Windows — get a better operating system." ; However, with an installed cygwin you can run GPSd under Windows. InstallationInstalling GPSd on Windows is now very simple: Just download and run the latest installer Starting GPSdStop ALL programs using the GPS receiver. Launch "GPSd for Windows" you

UlfsCafeApp - iOS App for Ulfs Cafe

iOS App for Ulfs Cafe

cewolf - Fork of cewolf, incorporation changes from Ulf Dittmer

Fork of cewolf, incorporation changes from Ulf Dittmer