UK Regions Database

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Provide publicly available details of UK geographical information: eg towns, cities, villages, postcodes, telcodes etc. Typically, this would be inserted into a database to save a lot of data entry. + Dynamic exchange of up-to-date info between users.



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Assetit - A systems asset database

A tool for administering asset data. Demo site

Database-on-demand - Database on Demand Project

This project is aimed at providing a web-based interface to creating a user-defined, processed protein sequence database based on the UniProtKB protein sequence databases SwissProt and TrEMBL. The live web page can be found at The project was supported by the BBSRC Tools and Resources grant 'Database on Demand' (BB/F016255/1).

Alexandrie - Windows Live Writer plugin to query amazon books database

This plugin allows the windows live writer users to query the amazon books database and retrieve the cover, the title and the author of a book and insert these info in a blog post. I will later fetch more data from amazon. It's possible to query any store of amazon (com, uk, fr...) The plugin is written in c#. Enjoy!

Re-relational-etudes - An Implementation of the Relational Model in PHP

Official Website: Project Status: Release Candidate 2 Links of Interest: Special Mention Special thanks to Hugh Darwen for mentioning this project at The Third Manifesto's official site. Tip: For the latest code, simply checkout the trunk in the SVN repository.

Acid-cytoscape-plugin - Ageing Cross-Species Interactome Database Cytoscape Plugin

This project consists of a database and Cytoscape plugin called the Ageing Cross-Species Interactome Database (ACID), which allows the identification of pathways between a source and target gene using integrated probabilistic functional integrated networks and gene expression data. The plugin is user-friendly and freely available. ACID is licensed under GNU General Public Licence v3 and is open-source. Download and installation instructions are available from the Web site:

Gateplugin-virtualcorpus - A plugin for the GATE language technology framework that provides corpus

GATE VirtualCorpus PluginA plugin for the GATE ( language technology framework that provides two new corpus languagae resources: a corpus that makes files in a directory directly accessible as documents a corpus that makes the content of a field in a JDBC database table directly accessible as documents The files or the database document content fields can optionally be compressed to save space. The advantage of these LRs is that you can directly access files or rows with fields

Adaptable HR

Adaptable HR is an open source Human Resources database for UK local authorities. The aim of the project is to offer local government authorities a low cost alternative to the current array of closed source HR databases.

Rtls-visualiser - 3D environment to recieve and visualise data from a Real Time Location System

This software was developed by BBC R&D( as part of the My e-Director 2012 European project ( to explore the use of active RFID tag based location systems in sport. The software provides a basic Java3D environment where the location and movement of tagged athletes can be re-produced. The movements can either be live with direct input from the Ubisense active RFID system or played back from a database. Camera motion can also be played back from the d

Kovans-ogbot - Kovan's OGBot: Bot for OGame

31 March 2010: bot not working with current OGame versionSupported OGames: .org .it .de .fr .pl .ba .nl .dk .ru DescriptionOGbot is a bot for OGame. This bot automatically finds and attacks the inactive undefended planets it finds in a given perimeter around user's planets, and keeps all the information it gathers in a database. In other words, it does the it automates the farming proccess. It's known to run on Windows, Linux and Mac OS X, but should run in