Eclipse UI Plugins

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Eclipse based plugins to extend common available eclipse based RAD framework.



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Wiquery - Wicket integration with jQuery and jQuery UI

wiQuery - Wicket / jQuery integrationwiQuery aims to bind jQuery and jQuery UI within the Java Wicket framework, a Java framework providing a real way to create web applications with an OO approach. Our code has moved to GitHub : Our Google Groups mailinglist has been deleted! Please use the issue tracker here, or email to the Wicket mailinglist! We do read your posts!Check the following items to get more: Last stable version: 1.5.6

Rutorrent-pausewebui - Makes you able to pause the webui in ruTorrent

ruTorrent Pause WebUIPlugin to pause the refresh timer, and add a button to manually refresh the page. UsageIt adds 2 buttons to your menubar. Upon clicking the "pause" button, rutorrent will stop refreshing automatically. You can manually refresh the ui by clicking the "refresh button" This is the button to the right of the pause button. After clicking the "pause" button, it will change to a "play" button. this plugin will also stop rutorrent from refreshing automatically when the tab isn't in

Ajile-carousel - JQuery Plugin. Quickly Build a Custom Carousel Using Many Built-In Transitions &amp

Ajile Carousel. Quickly Build a Custom Carousel Using Many Built-In Transitions & Easing Types. Include JQuery UI to enable a wide range of transition types and easing methods.

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