ufs tools on Linux

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Develope tools to support the ufs filesystem on Linux.




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FFS File System Driver for Windows

FFS File System Driver for Windows 2000/XP/2003, allows you to get a read access to FreeBSD, NetBSD and OpenBSD FFS(UFS) partitions.

Tuv2 - Terminal des urgences v2

Gestion de patient en uf urgences

Ufs - Uber Fatal System

Easy To Setup And Noob Friendly Habbo Replicator CMS

Aump - The Almost Universal Microformats Parser

AUMFP is a parser for microformats written in Python. It handles: hCard hCalendar hAtom hListing hResume rel-tag xfolk Additionally, there's several fake parsers hall -- return all ufs on a page hdocument -- return information about a document, such as RSS feeds, links, etc. Read more here: http://code.davidjanes.com/

UF Intruder

Space combat simulation with realistic physics. Emphasis on strategy and information warfare. Planning for future expandability into a variety of game types and styles.

VirusWALL ClamAV Virus Graphs/Reporting

VirusWALL is a ClamAV Virus Graph/Info Tool/Report Generator. For Virus traffic on your SMTP Gateway, EMail server or SMB/UFS Fileserver utilizing Clam AntiVirus. Real-time reporting via a web interface, Graphs are Pure CSS for speed and efficiency.

Prmf - The Programming Mafia Repository

Who are we?ma·fi·a 4. A tightly knit group of trusted associates. (The American Heritage® Dictionary of the English Language, Fourth Edition) The Programming Mafia lives up to this (sadly alternate) definition by first of all being a close group of friends. Born at the University of Florida, our group has since expanded its geography. What do we do?Primarily we play mafia. On rare occasions we work on programming-related projects, such as: an IRC bot to moderate mafia games an algorithm packe

Avatarco - PHP class to create images like Gravatar

PHP class for creating and displaying PNG userpics based on users' input data, such as email or any other personalized information. Class generates images like Gravatar service does. Not compatible with PHP version < 5 Uses GD and PHP >= 5.3.0 If you want to make it work on PHP less than 5.3.0, find string array_walk($shape, function(&$coord, $index, $mult) { $coord *= $mult; }, self::SPRITE_SIZE); and rewrite it for using create_function() instead of lambda-function. Usage: $av = new Avatarco;$

Ufperl - Microformat parser for Perl

Text::Microformat is a Microformat parser for PerlText::Microformat sports a very pluggable API, which allows not only new kinds of Microformats to be added, but also extension of the parser itself, to allow new parsing metaphors and source document encodings. FeaturesExtracting Microformats from HTML, XHTML and XML Extracting Microformats from entity-encoded or CDATA sections in RSS feeds. The include pattern Microformats built from other Microformats Supported formatshCard hCalendar rel-tag Ot