ufdbGuard - URL filter for Squid

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ufdbGuard is a URL filter to block unwanted web content on the internet. ufdbGuard can also enforce Google SafeSearch, detect UltraSurf, Tor, Skype and other chat applications, proxy tunnels and enforce safer HTTPS traffic. ufdbGuard supports the YouTube edufilter. ufdbGuard is a redirector for the Squid web proxy with 50,000 URL verifications/second. ufdbGuard integrates with user authorities like LDAP, Kerberos and Active Directory to assign different policies to different groups of users.




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Squid Appliance/Web filtering

Artica For Squid is a system that provide a sexy Web Ajax interface in order manage a full Proxy Appliance With Squid 3.x and urls filtering using UfdbGuard (With French Toulouse University and Artica database) without any technical skills. It provides many statistics per users or categories or websites or MAC addresses and features in order to manage Internet bandwith. Currently Artica DB store more than 30.000.000 categorized websites.