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A small simple program that allows the user to practice counting cards to gain an edge in black jack. The main screen has a picture of a deck and a face up card. Alt and an arrow key allow the user to easily scroll through cards as count is kept.




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Glittr - A Python interface for the Flickr API

Glittr is composed of a low level way to call the Flickr API and parse the responses (glittr.Flickr), as well as a higher-level python object interface (glittr.Glittr). Check out the SVN repository, especially __init__.py for more info. Here's an example of how it works: >> from glittr import Flickr, Glittr>> flickr = Flickr(api_key=<api_key>, shared_secret=<shared_secret>)>> result = flickr.people.getInfo(user_id='79661467@N00')>> print result{u'person': {u'nsid': u'79661467@N00', u'photos': {u