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Standalone comment component (seperated from blog4umbraco) for umbraco.




Related Projects

Academico-ucom - Aplicacion Web para Sistema Academico de la UCOM - Paraguay

Trabajo Practico de Introduccion a la Ingenieria de Software. 3er Semestre, Analisis de Sistemas. ICC - Universidad Comunera. Asuncion - Paraguay Prototipo usando Ruby on Rails Septiembre-2006. Septiembre-2007-usando Oracle

Wargamemobile - Proyecto de la materia Progracion de Dispositivos Moviles

Proyecto de Programacion de Dispositivos Moviles de la Universidad Comunera - Facultad de Informatica Juego de guerra para el SO Android de Google.

Discuz-vn - Tranlate Discuz! forum into Vietnamese

Discuz! is a PHP forum that is widely used in China mainland and Hongkong. However, it has just been translated into English and Thai. This project aims to translate the language files of the default template into Vietnamese. The default template for translation is adopted from the Discuz! Chinese - English (bilingual) version released by Discuz2u.com. The English template is going to be translated into Vietnamese. As a result, this project can then serve as a Chinese - Vietnamese bilingual foru

Cadira - Universidad Comunera - Facultad de Informatica - Analisis de Sistemas Informaticos - Progra

Proyecto de los alumnos de la materia Programación Orientada a Objetos Esto es una extensión del proyecto WATERLOO Universidad Comunera - Facultad de Informatica - Analisis de Sistemas Informáticos Asunción - Paraguay

Cs480gp4 - Unix COMmands (UCOM)

MotivationThis is a class project for CS 480: Database Systems done by students from University of Illinois, Chicago for Spring 2010. Project DescriptionA database driven *nix Command Usage Application. We start off with nine users and close to 250,000 UNIX commands history and try to analyze the usage patterns of these users. Another aspect of the project would be to inspect deadlocks in databases. The complete project specification can be found at http://markgrechanik.com/cs480/Group4/

Rescle - Command line resource editor for Windows PE format file.

Rescle(RESource Command Line Editor) is not a resource compiler, but poweful tool for Windows application developers. Purposecustomize resource without build i.e. for multi-distribution products FeaturesYou can edit resouces at x86/x64 PE files (EXE/DLL/OCX..). Version Information String Table Manifest Icon Bitmap Cursor Any Binary Limitationsworks on windows only command line interface but you can do it to edit update.py cannot change binary same resource id but language is different digital si

Nextphones4u-project - This is the script codes for my blog at nextphones4u.com

This is the script codes for my blog at nextphones4u.com, mostly for affiliate marketing.

Ucome - Your Content Management in Tcl

A small and efficient web content management system. native management of text, html, gif, jpeg, png and pdf, integrated composite file type allowing to create small data sets in minutes, full web management of files with user authorisations file by file, directory by directory, automatic generation of navigation from directory and file structure, to each file a set of variables is associated allowing simple and efficient extension programmation, wiki functions but with a much nicer look and a m

Smuggler - Python library for accessing the SmugMug API

An idiomatic Python library or accessing the SmugMug (http://www.smugmug.com) API. It includes an API library that: Mimics the SmugMug API methods Does type and method checking client side Has unit tests for code integrity Takes advantage of HTTP caching Case-insensitve paramater mapping - use the case that suits your project Integrated SmugMug API help using Python docstrings It also includes an ORM wrapper around the API that: Treats SmugMug types as objects instead of collections of URLs Make