Universal Codec Interface

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The Universal Codec Interface project aims to create a standard set of APIs and interface library to use any multimedia codec from any application. It provides a flexible, quot;plug and playquot; architecture with a minimum of overhead for codec use.




Related Projects

Chess Wizard

Chess Wizard is a powerful chess software to play, study, edit and publish games. It supports many strong UCI engines, provides a huge online database and hundreds of puzzles. Chess960 is available now.


An open source chess engine in C, released under the GPL. Compatible with the XBoard and UCI interface protocols to link to a GUI or other chess arbiter.

Pychess - pygtk chess game

PyChess is a swift chess client originally developed for Gnome, but running well under any other linux desktops. It lets you play against lots of chess engines in the CECP and UCI formats in many different difficulties. The easiest one being actually easy and making many human like mistakes. It offers a rich and while simple interface, with sound, animation and Human Interface as first class citizens.

UCI Protocol Sniffer [UCIPlug]

UCIPlug allows dumping the UCI messages exchanged between a UCI compliant GUI (for ex., Chessbase) and an UCI engine (for ex., Rybka 2.2). UCIPlug is written in C# and is targeted at .NET 3.5 (though, can be recompiled for .NET 2.0).

Magnumchess - UCI Java Chess Engine

Magnum ChessUCI Java Chess Engine with the following features:magic hashed bitboard move generation pvs alpha beta search transposition table pawn hash table eval hash table quiescence search iterative deepening

Uci-gamejam-spring-2011-team3 - Team 3's submission for the UCI Game Jam Spring '11

The game is about a gnome collecting stuff before he gets eaten by vultures. More to come, hopefully.

Super-eat-boy-team-j - A game collaboration between UCI and LCAD

Super Eat Boy is a game written in Java using the Ucigame library meant to inform players on healthy habits to avoid Type II Diabetes. Programming done by a team at UCI. Artwork done by a team at LCAD. Game design done collaboratively between both teams.

Blatta - Erlang Chess Engine

blatta is a proof of concept about building a fair Chess Engine with pure Erlang Code. The current aim for the project is UCI support and a 1600 Elo.

Parlanchin - Instant Messenger Service

Parlanchin is an instant messenger service created for UCI's Informatics 122 class. It consists of a server, a communication protocol, a web client, and a standalone client.