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UCC is an ANSI C compiler which supports Linux and Windows running on Intel x86 platform. Its compilation speed is fast and it is suitable for personal research and instructional use.




Related Projects

OfficeSIP Softphone and Messenger

OfficeSIP Softphone and Messenger are two enterprise VoIP SIP clients written in C# in .NET Framework. The SIP clients make use of Microsoft UCC API SDK, ensuring the highest quality of audio and video. Compatible with Office Communications Server. See also open source, cross-platform, simple messenger Brief Msg at http://briefmsg.org

C-cuda-translator - Automatic Translation of Programming Languages: Computation from CPU to GPU

In this projects we are trying to develop a software that translates ordinary C programs into CUDA programs to get better performance by optimizing the parallel calculation parts. We use UCC, a opensource C compiler, to analyze the source code. Then we will do sth to translate it into cuda program.

Crud-mine - This is a simple blog application

This is the first project from GTUG UCC. The Crud Mine is a simple blog application which displays blogs created by users using GWT Check out the wikis: Basic API DB Styling UI Using Subversion Also check out the downloads

Opengdsn - Open source project for gs1's gdsn solution.

This project will be a great project for gs1's gdsn solution. It will implement three main BMS, including basic party synchronization, catalogue item synchronization and trade item synchronization.