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EasyPeasy is a lightweight operating system for netbooks, designed for the Internet and low power consumption.




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A variant of Ubuntu specifically for the asus eee-pc and other netbook type computers.

Controleee - ControlEee - Control panel for EeePC

IntroductionControlEee is an application written in Python/Qt4 that allows users to turn on/off bluetooth, webcam and wlan devices on a EeePC. Often these devices are not used and if they remain active, they increase the power consumption. So if you want your battery to last longer, it's a good idea to turn them off. At the moment turning off wlan device is not allowed because it causes a kernel panic (at least on the distribution/hardware I've tested this: Ubuntu-eee/AsusEeePC 901). To run this

Eee-pc-tweaks - Automatic configuration of your Ubuntu Linux system for the Asus Eee PC

IntroductionThis package provides automatic configuration of your Ubuntu Linux system for the Asus Eee PC. This package configures typical settings appropriate for the Asus Eee PC. The main goal is to reduce wear-and-tear on the SSD drive, and fix various bugs related to mounting USB devices. InformationPlease see the following pages for further information. InstallRequirements InstallSteps FrequentlyAskedQuestions

Eeebootstrap - Repository of files for the Eee Bootstrap Ubuntu project.

This project is an attempt to document installing a custom Ubuntu system using only the Eee and a USB drive, while implementing a lightweight window manager, full disk encryption, and up-to-date Asus patches so that all hardware functions are retained. Following these directions will allow you to take a brand-new fresh out of the box Eee and transform it into a fully customized laptop, with the latest in software. The plan is to only use the most basic hardware available to an Eee owner that doe

Eee-ubuntu-support - ubuntu support for the Asus EEE-PC

This project is not maintained anymore (I sold my eeepc). Please drop me a message (benoit.favre@gmail.com) if you want to be a maintainer. EEE-PC Support in Ubuntu/Gutsy:small fonts, no compiz, fullscreen apps... wifi (based on madwifi) hotkeys overclocking to 900Mhz (using the eee module) webcam suspend-to-ram (WARNING: some users reported that the eee may wake-up if you unplug the power cord while suspended, and even wake up for no reason, and then it may cause heat damage: you should shutdow

Eeescripts - Installation scripts for the Asus Eee-PC

This project's goal is to create scripts for the Asus Eee-PC that allows users to install non-default apps very easily on Xandros, eeeXubuntu or Ubuntu. HistoryubuntueeetweakVersion 0.0.1 - Wlan works - Sound works - OSD works (Thx to http://code.google.com/p/eee-osd/) - Hotkeys works - Shutdown works keepassinstallVersion 1.0.2 - KeePassX version 0.3.1 - english script Version 1.0.1 - Fixed easy-mode icons skypeinstallVersion 1.0.1 - fixed problems with sources.list operainstallVersion 1.0.0 -

Bolgenos - Bolgenos operating system is free software, developed by Denis Popov 2010 year

Bolgenos operation system based on Ubuntu. Linux kernel 2.6.28 (on offical site available update to 2.6.33). Bolgenos OS has been developed for asus eee pc 2g, but now OS suiting for all computers (exclude PowerPC/Mac and etc). After install Bolgenos takes 1.65 GB! Have several programs from office package goffice - Abiword, Gnumeric. For development applications you can to use Geany or Gedit. For images viewing - eog and for editing - GIMP 2.6 (Bolgenos 1.0). We include in Bolgenos best web bro

Hybridfox - Happily Connects to All* Compute Clouds

Get The Latest HybridfoxHybridfox now allows addition and removal of any of the regions. And now 1.7 supports Eucalyptus Enterprise Edition 2.0And now 1.6 supports Openstack, ECC, EEE & Elastic Load BalancingNow Hybridfox Localized for Japanese and Simplified Chinese.Hybridfox EXT with experimental support for AWS Cloudformation,Monitoring and Spot Instances1.6 Download Now1.7 Download Now1.6-EXT (Beta) Download Now1.6 Chinese (Beta) Download Now What is Hybridfox?Hybridfox is a Firefox add-on t

Walter-baby-tracker - Baby event tracker for parents.

Walter was started after the birth of my first son to try and keep track of all his events throughout the day. My wife had been using pen and paper and was overwhelmed quickly. Features: Record Diaper Changes Record Feedings Record Biliblanket flips (For Jaundice babies) Twitter a entries to a account with modesty. There are 3 canned messages sent (one for each event type). Export all diaper changes to CSV Export all feedings to CSV Export all biliblanket flips to CSV Set a recurring alarm based

install-rt2860 - Install Ralink RT2860 wireless driver from source. For Asus EEE + Ubuntu.

Install Ralink RT2860 wireless driver from source. For Asus EEE + Ubuntu.