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TypePipe allows you to modify existing CLR types using a simple, expression-based API. Modifications from several tools and libraries (AOP, IoC etc.) can be combined. Types are generated via Reflection.Emit or user-defined back-ends.




Related Projects


re-linq makes it easy to create full-featured LINQ providers. It features a LINQ parser that transforms the IQueryable expression tree into a simpler structure that resembles the original query expression, and other helpful features. re-linq handles the most complex queries.


Create attributes that execute code when their target members are called.

License Header Manager for Visual Studio

Automatically insert license headers into your source code files in Visual Studio.

egora (e-Government Reference Architecture)

egora is a C# framework which contains software components supporting common used modules for Austrian eGovernment applications.

Gendering Add-In for Microsoft Office Word 2010

Word Add-In that assists users by giving hints to write gender-neutral documents. It is a post-processing function to verify a written text against the rules of gender-neutral definitions in German Language. The definitions are implemented as a table of words and phrases and t...


AssemblyTransformer is a tool for modifying .NET assemblies using Mono Cecil. It handles the entire transformation process including strong name signing and offers a simple command-line interface and a basic framework for creating and configuring specific transformations.


PRACTICA DE PEM is a C source code that exemplifies the use of Abstract data in ANSI C for IES JOAN AUSTRIA students

Troggle - content management system for cave exploration

Troggle is a web-based system for managing many types of data useful on a cave exploration expedition. It was initially designed by and for the Cambridge University Caving Club expeditions to Austria. Currently there are two branches. The default branch is for general use and is being employed by the CUCC Austria expeditions at http://troggle.cavingexpedition.com/ . A second branch powers the Erebus cave database at http://www.erebuscaves.com/ .

Visframework - Visualization Tool Theme Landscape

Developed by the Ludwig Boltzmann Institute Media.Art.Research, Linz, Austria Project Homepage: http://vis.mediaartresearch.at/webarchive/public/view/mid:12

Plzkeepthat-app-engine - A notebox application for the cloud!

This project should demonstrate the simplicity of App Engine's included services such as Mail, Memcache, URL Fetch, etc. This project was created as an implementation of a Bachelor's Thesis at the Upper Austria University of Applied Sciences Hagenberg.