TypeMock tutorials

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This is a tutorial series written by Raffaeu (http://blog.raffaeu.com) that explains how to work and how to use TypeMock Isolator.NET




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Moki - yet another .NET mocking framework

What is Moki?Moki is another dynamic mocking framework for .NET developed from scratch. Provides simple and clean Arrange-Act-Assert API with static central point Mock. Supports almost all functionalities of known frameworks. "Moki" is polish translation of "Mocks". I've had no better idea :) Download and try it! Why?Yes, I know... we have a lot good, open-source mocking frameworks. Moki is main part of my master thesis "Implementation of mocking framework for .NET" at University of Wroclaw. How

SharePoint TypeMock Wrapper

The SPTypeMock Wrapper project encapsulates the functionality provided in TypeMock into a convenient set of wrapper classes to facility test unit in SharePoint. El proyecto SPTypeMock Wrapper provee las clases envoltorio necesarias para programar Pruebas Unitarias para SharePo...

Test-lint-extensions - A set of additional rules to extend the free tool TypeMock TestLint.

This set of rules extends TypeMock TestLint in order to give more tips when writing unit tests. It follows established guidelines for writing tests in .NET, mostly along the lines of Roy Osherove's best practices. Although some rules are specific to the testing framework NUnit, they should be applicable to most tools when slight modifications are made.