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TypeLoader can achieve a vertical Japanese text processing such as WPF more easily. TypeLoader acquires the substitution table for vertical text processing reading the file of TrueType or OpenType directly. It's developed in Visual C# 2010 Express.




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Haxetacy - a cross-target haXe library

A haXe library (haxelib) that focuses on making cross-target and cross-environment development more transparent. formerly known as GPJS. Important notice! The JavaScript postcompiler, typeloader and typebuilder have moved to the JSTM library HaXetacy consists of: a package structure that makes writing cross-target code easier a general library with some useful cross-target classes JSON(P)-based remoting client and server classes advanced ORM classes that let you write queries in haXe instead of

Jstm - JavaScript Type Manager

Cross-platform JavaScript library that takes care of loading, importing and building class (+interface) and enum types. Written in HaXe and best used together with HaXe but also works with plain old JavaScipt. Includes a haXe JS Generator can split JS output into optimized, seperate JS files per type generates script includes for ASP and WSH (.WSF) minifies release code a generic JS runtime typebuilder uses only 1 global variable dynamic typeloading type dependency injection efficient call- and

Bean-loader - A database loader that automagically injects the results of prepared statements into J

BeanLoader will attempt to automatically map column names to bean accessors via the four main methods: first each collect map public static <T> T first(Class<T> type, PreparedStatement preparedStatement)public static <T> Iterable<T> each(Class<T> type, PreparedStatement preparedStatement)public static <T, C extends Collection<T>> C collect(Class<T> type, C collection, PreparedStatement preparedStatement)public static <K, V extends KeyedBean<K>, M extends Map<K, V>> M map(Class<V> type, M map, Pr

Loadmanager - Plug-in based resource loading manager for Actionscript 3.0

LoadManager is a simple-to-use, plug-in based resource management utility for ActionScript 3.0. LoadManager simplifies the loading of external assets and resources for your Flash and Flex projects. If your project needs to load multiple external files (whether they are SWF files, sounds, images or any other file type), LoadManager can help. Download LoadManager 1.0.0 (documentation included) View documentation View example code OverviewEasily sequentially load external resources of any kind. Acc

twitter_example - A ronin application that uses the JSON typeloader to integrate with twitter

A ronin application that uses the JSON typeloader to integrate with twitter


Provides a protocol typeloader for Gosu, allowing statically verified duck typing