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Sedt - Markup-language DTP/content script

A lightweight script based on SEDL language that is faster to type than HTML and LaTeX and combines HTML ease with LaTeX capablities

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Netzpult - Your web desktop

netzpult creates a multi user web space with text processor and filing cabinet accessible through not more than a web browser. Stored documents and files are managed in an arbitrary user created folder structure using an explorer-like user interface. Content is published on the web simply by filing it in the public folder. netzpult is a german open source project which is why documentation except this page and wiki are held in german language.

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Teamtextedit - small text processor for teamwork in local networks

Description will be defined soon

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Python-callbacks - A library for creating and running callbacks and closures in Python.

A library for creating and running callbacks and closures in Python. Python documentation: http://python-callbacks.googlecode.com/svn/trunk/doc/callbacks.html View source: http://code.google.com/p/python-callbacks/source/browse/trunk/callbacks.py Features include: Scopes: Callbacks can be registered in instance, class, module or global scope. Priority levels: Callbacks can be given a priority, where higher priority callbacks will be run before lower priority callbacks. Automatic requeuing: Callb

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Gzerotextengine - Flex based Rich Text Processor

Project name is Gzero. it's a rich text processor which supports common word processing tasks also drawing and widgets like video player, etc. It's based on the new flash text engine(FTE) and Flex SDK. This project is in very early development stage. It's being under internal development currently. We hope that we can make it accessible to source code and it's document after initial project task completion. Current active developers are Enkhchuluun, Mungun from Mongolia. If you're interested in

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django-textprocessors - A group of often-used text parsing tools that we use in django

A group of often-used text parsing tools that we use in django

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