TwitterMatic - Automated Twitter updates from the cloud - Windows Azure Sample

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TwitterMatic is a cloud-hosted application that was build to help in scheduling Twitter updates. TwitterMatic was created for the new CloudApp() contest: TwitterMatic is available for download on CodePlex, as a sample application for Windows Azure.



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The Apache Cassandra Project develops a highly scalable second-generation distributed database, bringing together Dynamo's fully distributed design and Bigtable's ColumnFamily-based data model. Cassandra is suitable for applications that can't afford to lose data. Data is automatically replicated to multiple nodes for fault-tolerance.


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Octopress is a framework designed by Brandon Mathis for Jekyll, the blog aware static site generator powering Github Pages. Octopress comes with a semantic HTML5 template. It has built in 3rd party support for Twitter, Google Plus One, Disqus Comments, Pinboard, Delicious, and Google Analytics. It has plugin support to easily post images, automatically downloads and embeds Github gists, easy inline code sharing and lot more.

Tweetshare - TweetShare is a program that automatically sends out tweets based on tweet replies.

TweetShare is a program that automatically sends out tweets to twitter accounts based on tweet replies received by the twitter accounts allowing users to send tweet replies to the twitter accounts and appear as tweets on the twitter accounts.

Twitter-netcheck - Publishes changes in your internet connection status to Twitter

This is a simple Python script that detects changes in your internet connection status opening an HTTP connection to a specified URL. Changes can then be published automatically to Twitter and as a direct message to a Twitter user. Note that this requires python-twitter to be able to publish to Twitter from Python.

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Import Backup from twitter to tumblr. Read twitter_backup.txt and import automatic from tumbler selecting type from post.

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toools-twitter is a java application that automatically follows anyone on twitter that you send or g

toools-twittertoools-twitter is a java application that checks your twitter account for in- and outbound twitter messages (status updates containing "@<username>") and automatically follows everyone that you send messages or get messages from. toools-twitter is intended to be run as a cron job in a fairly short interval and is configured via a properties file that contains your twitter username and password.

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The DavTwitter is a set of python scritps that allow users to create a Twitter River from the items in an RSS file. I also includes scripts to automaticly make tiny urls from the item's links It uses the great Universal Feed Parser from Mark Pilgrim CHANGESVersion 03Removed the need to do Regular Expression on the tinyurl fetcher. Started using the tinyurl API.