TwitterFeed-Widget for BlogEngine.NET

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This is a widget for the BlogEngine.NET 1.4 to show your latest tweets in your margin. There are several options you can configure on-the-fly. The widget is developed in C# 3.0 and uses some .NET 3.5 syntax.



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Jaiku2twitter - Post your Jaiku messages automatically to Twitter

What?A simple PHP script that takes your presence messages on Jaiku and posts them to Twitter. Excellent for running every 2 minutes on any simple LAMP host. Why?Because Jaiku is cool, but you don't want to leave your friends at Twitter out on the fun. Thanks for sparking the idea The excellent lastRSS script Installation:Fill in the right details in Run schema.sql on your database to create the jaiku2twitter table Run index.php for the first time to setup the d

Mashup-robdotknight-twitterfeed - Twitter Public Feed

Created with the Google Mashup Editor.

Mashup-kawadekoji-twitterfeed - Feed Reader

Created with the Google Mashup Editor.

TwitterFeed for MediaWiki

This is a MediaWiki extension which adds an additional tag, lt;twitterfeedgt;, for displaying the last tweets into wiki articles.

Talkin-twitter - The goal of this project is to create a text to speech engine for Twitter.

User authenticated with Twitter account If user authentication == 200 Enter Information into database if not already in database burn user feed if feed hasn't been burned Direct user to home page Once Authenticated, User presented with TwitterFeed Playback module for UserFeed and FriendsFeed.

Twitterfeeds4drupal - Display and Update Twitter from a Drupal site

This project is a module for Drupal 5.x which allows users to display their Twitter post into their Drupal profile page and automatically update their Twitter is they post content into the Drupal site.

Tweety - Jabber-Bot connected to Twitter

Tweety looks up periodically your Twitter-Feeds and sends new messages directly to your Jabber account.

Twitterfeed - Drupal module that displays your twitter feed.

This module displays your twitter feed in drupal 6. It works in both php4 and php5. You can also enable caching and set how many tweets you would like to see at once.

Gupshup2rss - Code to sync smsgupshup group messages to an rss 2.0 feed.

This is a code written in PHP 5.0 and MySQL for syncing (or putting) the updates of an group into an rss feed. Advantages : . can be linked to twitter,facebook using . can be linked to another sms group provider, making it easier for people having multiple groups . unlike incompatible json/xml response from gupshup, this is well defined w3 verified rss 2.0 format . no need for api account on gupshup Possible Disadvantages : . needs MySQL to work, with p

Socialconnectandroid - A simple Twitter client for Android

Just a simple Twitter client. Was built for educational purposes to demo typical usecases for Android applications. Focus is on web interfacing and GUI development. It is NOT feature complete and not directed towards end users. Things to note on usage: SocialConnect uses OAuth via Twitters API. You need to get a PIN-number for the verification the first time. You get that by pressing the menu button and choosing "Login". On the login page, choose "Get PIN" to open a browser and fill out login cr