kestrel - simple, distributed message queue system (inactive)

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This test just spams a kestrel server with "put" operations, to see howquickly it can absorb and journal them.A sample run on a 2010 MacBook Pro: $ ./dist/kestrel/scripts/load/put-many -n 100000 Put 100000 items of 1024 bytes to localhost:22133 in 1 queues named spam using 100 clients. Finished in 6137 msec (61.4 usec/put throughput). Transactions: min=71.00; max=472279.00 472160.00 469075.00; median=3355.00; average=5494.69 usec Transactions distribution: 5.00%=485.00 10.00%=1123.00 25.00%=2358.00 50.00%=3355.00 75.00%=4921.00 90.00%=7291.00 95.00%=9729.00 99.00%=50929.00 99.90%=384638.00 99.99%=467899.00



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A JVM Kestrel client that aggregates queues from multiple servers. Implemented in Scala with Java bindings. In use at Twitter for all JVM Search and Streaming Kestrel interactions.