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Twitter interactive visualization



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Spring - Application Framework

Spring is an Application framework which has Inversion of Control container, Aspect-oriented programming framework, Data access, Transaction management, Model-view-controller for web, Remote access framework (RPC) and lot more. It is well integrated with Toplink, Hibernate, JDO, and iBATIS.

Twish - Python Command Line Client for Twitter

Twish - Twitter Shell, is a very simple command line, stateless shell for interacting with twitter through the Twitter RESTful API. Simple commands allow one to post to twitter, read friends timelines, add friends, remove friends, and other common tasks. The code is very compact and easy to understand and therefore easy to extend. The only dependancy is the simplejson module. All Twitter API responses are in JSON format.

Pytwittercmd - Command line interface to Twitter using Python

pytwittercmd provides a simple, easy to use command-line interface to Twitter using Python, written on top of the python-twitter library. Instead of using heavy GUI clients or using the web interface of Twitter, power-users can quickly interact with the Twitter service using this tool. pytwittercmd currently provides a one-way interaction with the Python interpreter. By using the "py" command it drops you to the Python shell where you can interact with the twitter API directly by using pre-loade

Twittervice - A C# Webservice for interacting with Twitter

This is a very simple webservice that interacts with Twitter. Twittervice implements the REST api that Twitter provides. The following operations are currently supported: getPublicTimeLine() - returns list of TwitterStatus objects representing the public timeline getFriendsTimeLine() - returns list of TwitterStatus objects representing the requesting user's Timeline getUserTimeline() - returns list of TwitterStatus objects representing a user's timeline SendStatusUpdate() - Updates user's status

Digitwitter - This .Net library provides an easy to use object oriented interface to interact with t

Welcome to the digiTwitter project's pagedigiTwitter is a .NET library that enables users to interact with the Twitter API. FeaturesEasy to use Object Oriented interface. Authentication Support. Developed using TDD Techniques. PrerequisitesVisual C# / Visual Studio 2008 with .NET 3.5 SP1 or .NET 3.5 Compact Edition SP1.

Notifier-client - Adobe AIR client for Notifier

Notifier is a demo application for Stato PHP framework. It's a RESTful microblogging (twitter-like) application, and you need a client to interact with it.

Oo-microblogging - Object Oriented Microblogging Libraries

OO library in PHP, Ruby, and Python for easily interacting with both Twitter and Laconica APIs. Still in early development. Do not use in production. Interested in helping? Contact Abraham or join the list.

Procrastination Kit For Visual Studio

Procrastination Kit for Visual Studio its a framework that lets you interact with Web 2.0 applications (like Twitter or MSN) within the IDE's code editor, based in the use of comment tokens.

Trakksocial - A JavaScript plugin for social tracking with Google Analytics by Trakken Web Services

TrakkSocial will automatically track social media buttons on websites. It finds buttons from Facebook, Twitter, and LinkedIn and attaches tracking to them. Whenever a visitor Likes or Tweets the website via one of the buttons, TrakkSocial takes care of tracking those interactions with Google Analytics.

Flickr2twitter - Automatically post your latest Flickr uploads to Twitter

Please don't let the project name confuse you. It can not just handle Flickr and Twitter, but has been designed in a manner for interacting with any online services. The initial idea of project was meant for those who love both Flickr and Twitter. It allows automated integration between your Flickr and Twitter accounts. Any latest Flickr public uploads will be automatically posted to Twitter at a specified time interval. This has been further enhanced to support China's leading micro-blog servic