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Web Application Construction Kit



Related Projects

Formal - HTML forms toolkit for Nevow

Formal is a relatively simple and pain-free library for building, rendering and processing HTML forms for a Nevow application. Formal allows the data model of a form to be created quickly. For the most, the form can later be "enriched" by changing the form fields without changing the data model. Formal's API also ensures that the application can work with unicode instances, with Formal (and Nevow) handling the encoding and decoding on behalf of the application code.

Midtown - realtime web chat, bbs, mail, or whatever system with some intelligence

This project has been started as a private project to learn twisted, nevow, athena, axiom, ajax, or comet. Not intended for serious usage.

Pyconsole - Pythonic wrapping of win32console.pyd module

Simple high level interface to embed windows console processes in python scripts or python based GUI applications. Presented at EuroPython 2007 For Microsoft Windows (win32) operating systems Flash demos: wxPython demo Vim demo Divmod Nevow demo

Boardroom - collaborative whiteboard for tracking, coordinating and visualizing status and priority

BoardroomBoardroomBoardroom is a collaborative whiteboard for tracking, coordinating and visualizing status and priority of tasks across a team (or teams).

Pyshd - Push Provider for iPhone Push Notifications written in Python (twisted)

pyshd a possible backend for your iPhone application if you plan on using Push Notifications. The core is optimized for very high throughput (thanks to twisted). Perfect usage scenario: You'd like to "broadcast" messages to all your clients. Several APIs exist to communicate with the core. DeviceAPI (for devices to register themselves) Send JSON String with HTTP/POST AdminGUI - Webfrontend (for Sending Notifcations and Statistical stuff) Requirements: - Python >= 2.5 < 3 - Nevow - Twisted - Form

Prairie-wiki - The wiki with the learning curve of a flat plain

PrairieWiki was written with absolute simplicity in mind. The basic idea: make creating textual content with links and image URLs as simple as possible for non-technical users.To flatten the learning curve as much as possible, PrairieWiki includes the single-most important feature of quick content in wikis: fast page creation with links. What's more, PrairieWiki makes use of a simple, in-browser editor that has many of the basic features of a desktop word processor.

Innerspace - a multiuser platform for building virtual worlds

Welcome to InnerSpaceInnerSpace is a MUD-like system for building virtual worlds. The goal was to take the LambdaMOO approach to creating online worlds, and update it in hopes of attracting new players to an old idea. Like many MOO-clones before it, InnerSpace uses Python as its internal scripting language. This provides a powerful environment for game authors, while a flexible object model allows for creation of complex in-game objects. Since the primary client is a XHTML web interface, authors


PyHTMLWidegets eases the generation of commonly used HTML components in forms, etc., independant of development platform. You may use PyHTMLWidgets whether developing for python cgi, mod_python, twisted web, nevow, or Zope.


Miscellaneous utilities for nevow and twisted.web{,2} programming. Mostly of historical interest.