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Divmod Axiom is an object database, or alternatively, an object-relational mapper, implemented on top of Python.



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Midtown - realtime web chat, bbs, mail, or whatever system with some intelligence

This project has been started as a private project to learn twisted, nevow, athena, axiom, ajax, or comet. Not intended for serious usage.

Prairie-wiki - The wiki with the learning curve of a flat plain

PrairieWiki was written with absolute simplicity in mind. The basic idea: make creating textual content with links and image URLs as simple as possible for non-technical users.To flatten the learning curve as much as possible, PrairieWiki includes the single-most important feature of quick content in wikis: fast page creation with links. What's more, PrairieWiki makes use of a simple, in-browser editor that has many of the basic features of a desktop word processor.

Openigloo - igloo allows designers to embrace mass customization as an axiom.

Using these tools requires that, from conception, your design is capable of being realized in a variety of states. Your design must be able to shrink, stretch, grow, multiply, aggregate, twist, change colors, or anything else you can imagine. The tools provided here can be thought of as a front end for parametric CAD platforms like Solidworks and Grasshopper for Rhino3D (and hopefully others in the future). The only software that you must own is a CAD platform, the rest of what you need to set u