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Sportive Results are based on an effective training. Only systematic and optimized training leads to good results. But there is a lack of tool for documentation and planning. Check fore more informations

Cs373-collatz-jgr397 - Collatz 3n+1

Background: Problems in Computer Science are often classified as belonging to a certain class of problems (e.g., NP, Unsolvable, Recursive). In this problem you will be analyzing a property of an algorithm whose classification is not known for all possible inputs. The Problem: Consider the following algorithm: \t\t input n 2. \t\t print n 3. \t\t if n = 1 then STOP 4. \t\t \t\t if n is odd then 5. \t\t \t\t else 6. \t\t GOTO 2 Given the input 22, the following sequence of numbers will be printed

Rayson - Java communication module for cloud computing

Rayson is a Java common communication module for cloud computing. With Rayson, we can call the remote service just using a java proxy interface, without care about any underling socket communication things. First, we define a RPC protocol interface. \t\t \t\tpublic interface DemoProtocol extends RpcProtocol \t\t{ \t\t\tpublic String echo(String message) throws NullPointerException, RpcException; \t\t}\t\t \t\t Second, we define a RPC service interface that extends the above protocol interface. \

Custom-combobox - jQuery plugin to replace html dropdown element

Custom-combobox is a jQuery plugin that replaces the html dropdown, as featured on An array or a collection of objects can be used to fill the dropdown. It also supports formating the data in the dropdown with a template. The plugin also has edge detection which keeps the dropdown from spilling over the edges of the window. Only 5k! Works with jQuery 1.3.2 & 1.4.2 Revisions2/10/10 - Added "topMsg" option, lets you add a message in the input box when first loaded Browser Suppo

Next-msg - jQuery plugin to create tool-tip message boxes next to an element

If you’re tired of over engineered tooltips, then this is for you, clean and simple. $("#btSubmit").nextMsg({ msg:"Tool-tip text goes here", CSSClass: "nextMsg-DarkTheme" });This jQuery plugin creates tooltip messages next to the selected element. All theming is controlled using css, no images are used! Included in the zip is a demo and some screenshots. Works with jQuery 1.3.2 - 1.7.x Browser SupportIE 7,8,9 Google Chrome, Firefox, Safari, Opera ThemesThe css provides some canned themes that


TimeTracker (TT) is a PC activity monitor. TT will determine every second which window is currently active on your desktop. TT captures the window caption from the title bar and tracks the active time for that window. Custom tasks may also be added.

Html-template-convert - Perl packages providing syntax translation between HTML::Template and Templa

There are two packages: HTML::Template::Convert::TT and Template::Convert::HTML that provide syntax translation from one to another web-template engine. It will be useful when need to change template engine of some web site. With syntax translation it becomes simple to change template engine at once and than rewrite each template as soon as you want.