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Damage parser for The Secret World




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Ffxiyap - YAP: Yet Another Parser is a combat log parser for Final Fantasy XI

YAP: Yet Another Parser, is a combat log parser written for Final Fantasy XI. It gathers statistics such as accuracy, average damage, highest weaponskill damage, total damage taken, percent of total damage dealt and others. The tool is designed to help players adjust their strategy and gear choices for optimum output. Downloads marked 'src' are Python source files that can be run on any platform. They require Python 2.5 and wxPython 2.8.

Tinysqlcplusplus - Tiny SQL implementation in C++

Tiny SQL implementation in C++ - Scanner and Parser via Flex and Bison - Abstract Syntax Tree generation (customized) - Basic optimization (TBA) - Virtual disk I/O simulation This project is for academic purpose only, not responsible for property loss or damage to machines as a result of this program.

Project-urd - Java based Parser for Aion Combatlogs.

This will be a Java based Damage Meter for Aion-US. It's job is to parse data collect via the chat.log files and convert them to representable data. Data such as charts, graphs and possibly even upload them to a server like WWS. Project Urd does not have a name yet, we'll decide it on release lol.

Les Secrets d'Acide

The Acid Secrets (quot;Les Secrets d'Acidequot;) will be a fan Role Playing Game programmed in Python. The story will take place in the fantastic world created by JBX for his french MP3 saga: quot;Les Reflets d'Acidequot; (The Acid Reflections).

STO Combatlog HUD

A fast, real-time combatlog tracking GUI tool for Star Trek Online. It can display damage and healing statistics for both PvE and PvP.

ofx-parser is an OFX 1.x parser written in Ruby.

DescriptionMaintained at http://github.com/aasmith/ofx-parser ofx-parser is an OFX 1.x parser written in Ruby. FeaturesReads OFX responses - i.e. those downloaded from financial institutions and puts it into a usable object graph. Supports the 3 main message sets: banking, credit card and investment accounts, as well as the required 'sign on' set. Knows about SIC codes - if your institution provides them. See http://www.eeoc.gov/stats/jobpat/siccodes.html (now at http://www.osha.gov/pls/imis/sic

Pysugarsync - Implementation of SugarSync API

IntroductionPySugarSync is implementation of https://www.sugarsync.com/developer/sample WITHOUT following functions. * Public Link Management * Image Transcoding * Photo Album Access Why no downloads? Because it doesn't have setup.py. I'm still learning Python. :-) Simple usageStep1. Load config file.from ConfigParser import SafeConfigParserparser = SafeConfigParser()parser.read("sample_pysugarsync.ini")config=dict(parser.items("Credentials"))Step2. Retrieve token and set token.import pysugarsyn

Winauth - Battle.net / World of Warcraft / Diablo III Authenticator for Windows and Windows Mobile

Windows Battle.net Authenticator for Diablo / Starcraft / Warcraft Diablo III, Hacked Accounts and AuthenticatorsThere has been a lot of talk recently on the Diablo III forums about accounts being hacked, characters wiped and gold stolen. Some people are claiming that their accounts were hacked even though they had an authenticator. Whilst no one else can verify those claims, Blizzard has released a statement saying that in all their account investigations... "we have yet to investigate a compro

Aioncount - A parser application for the game Aion

This application will take combat logs in the form of plain text files, and generate damage reports through parsing the log.

Pythonicalc - A Calculator Using the Pythonica Parser

Pythonicalc is a calculator written in Python/wxPython using the Pythonica mathematical parser. Please use SVN to download the project Pythonicalc is still in its ALPHA stage. You can see my TODO lists at the top of each python file. Please help test and debug the program so that we can reach a stable release. The python file which begins the application is PiONE.py. Note: the GUI is referred to as PiONE (this was the original name for the project). Most of the code I wrote was written two years