TortoiseSVN Addin for Visual Studio

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TortoiseSVN Addin for Visual Studio makes it easier for developers to access TortoiseSVN inside Visual Studio.



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Python Tools for Visual Studio

PTVS is a free & OSS add-in from Microsoft that turns VS into a Python IDE. It supports CPython, IronPython, Intellisense, debugging, profiling, Azure, etc.


JSLint.VS is Add-In for Visual Studio that provides errors in JavaScript during compiling enabling you to spend less time in browser catching bugs and typos.

FileGenerator For Reflector

This is an add-in for Reflector - it generates code and resource files for a selected assembly, module, namespace, or type. It also creates a VS project file to see the generated files in Visual Studio. Note that this project does NOT contain Reflector.exe. You have to downlo...

Js-addin - Add-In for Visual Studio for improve support for javascript

This is a Add-In for Visual Studio for extended javascript support. Here the link on Visual Studio Gallery site. Please visit discussion group if you want to ask something or you have a great idea how to improve this addin.


Cput – is the unit test framework that allow create and run tests for C++ projects. MS Visual Studio add-in makes easier to add new tests, debug and run existing. Currently support x86 C++ projects for MS VS 2005 and 2008. It's developed in C++.

Gtestvsaddin - GTest and GMock VS2008 AddIn

AbstractThis is a toolbar of VS2008 for unit test with gtest and gmock,integrated with VS2008 Team Tools. As all known, it is very efficient to persue unit test with gtest + gmock + gcov, but there is no similar easy-to-use coverage tool integrated with VS2008 for free. But actually VS2008 has embedded a coverage tool, although it is mainly designed for managed code. It's a little bit inconvenient to use command line to call it, so I have developped this addin to simplify it and encourage more u

Tytannet - AddIn for VisualStudio 2005 with several useful toolwindows and refactoring methods.

TytanNET AddInTytanNET is an extension for Microsoft Visual Studio 2005 and 2008. It adds a set of useful toolwindows, refactoring methods and debugging-time visualizers. All of that is integrated within the VS IDE and ready to call. Overview Supported languages: C# VB.NET Managed C++ IMPORTANTSource code and Wiki pages have been moved to new location: TytanNET on Current stable version: v0.19 (19-December-2008)Please move to Download Section ... InstructionsContributors FAQ Step by

Visual Studio Flat Solution Explorer

The Flat Solution Explorer is a Visual Studio 2005 Addin that shows a non-hierarchical view of all items in a solution. There is an input box that provides real time filtering of the items. This is a great Addin for managing large solutions. This Addin is implemented in C++...

Prettyjs - Javascript coding assistant for VS2008/2005 Add-in

This is a VS2008 Add-in for javascript coding, This tool include follow features: Automatic Beautify/formatting javascript code,and you can choice custom code style,Clean up the extra blank lines; Region code using statement://##...//#end,Similar to VS C# code region feature Description for Chinese: 该�件目�针对:VS2008 js格�化工具 1.添加折�区域,�键添加选中到折�区域 2.格�化:格�化选择的代��格�化整个文档,支�}�交 3.代�清�

Tortuga - A TortoiseSVN wrapper for .NET and add-in for Visual Studio 2005

TortugaA TortoiseSVN wrapper for .NET and add-in for Visual Studio 2005. Status: Limbo Good NewsThe actual TortoiseSVN .NET wrapper is finished. All the command classes are written and mostly tested. Bad NewsThe add-in part (which is really what you're here for) is not nearly completed. I find writing add-ins/packages for Visual Studio to be incredibly unintuitive and prohibitively clunky. Maybe this is because of my overwhelming impatience but until I find a less painful way to achieve my goals