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Quickdbexplorer - Microsoft SQL SERVER (2008R2/2008/2005/2000)を利用ã�—ã�¦ã�„る開発者å�‘ã�‘ã�

What's quickDBExplorer?quickDBExplorer ã�¯ Microsoft 社ã�®SQL SERVER (2008R2/2008/2005/2000)を利用ã�—ã�¦ã�„る開発者å�‘ã�‘ã�®è£œåŠ©ãƒ„ールã�§ã�™.NET Framework 2.0上ã�§å‹•ä½œã�™ã‚‹ã€�データベースアプリケーションã�®é–‹ç™ºè€…å�‘ã�‘ã�®MDIå½¢å¼�ã�®è£œåŠ©ãƒ„ールã�§ã�™ã€‚エンタープライズマãƒ�ージャーやクエリアナライザã�§ã�¯ç”¨æ„�ã�•ã‚Œã�¦ã�„ã�ªã�„機能を実ç�¾ã�—ã�Ÿã‚Šã€�使ã�„ã�«ã��ã�„機能を補助ã�™ã‚‹ç›®çš„ã�«ä½œæˆ�ã�•ã‚Œã�¾ã�—ã�Ÿ(完全ã�ªç½®ã��æ

Phptablemodel - Low footprint, object-oriented model for dealing with mysql tables in PHP5

tableModel is a relatively small class (weighing in at only 317 lines and 9813 bytes without comments) that allows the developer to interact with MySQL tables as if they were... stdClasses: $myTable->columnName = 12; Arrays: $myTable[] = array('col1'=>'val1', 'col2'=>'val2'); jQuery objects: foreach ($myTable ->find('col1=%Q', $val1) ->filter('col2=%Q', $val2) as $index=>$item) var_dump($index, $item); And much more! tableModel makes good use of the new magic methods and interfaces found in PHP5

Sqlinject-finder - Script parses through a pcap and looks for common SQL inject characteristics

Brief DescriptionSimple python script that parses through a pcap and looks at the GET and POST request data for suspicious and possible SQL injects. Rules to check for SQL injection can be easily added. Output can be printed neatly on the command line or in tab delimited format. The output includes: The suspicious IP address The attacked webpage The parameter and value used The frame number of the packet within the pcap (can be used to find exactly where the packet is in Wireshark) The reason wh