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this is a project to create a Wubi IME for windows 8. we want it can run under Windows 8 style UI




Related Projects


A cross-platform Vietnamese Input Method Editor. Enable entry of Vietnamese Unicode text in Java's AWT and Swing text components.


Pinyinput is an IME for Windows that allows you to type Hanyu Pinyin with tone marks.

Asian Character Tables

A collection of tables of cjk data useful for among other things academic research and making an IME. Including data on Sawndip, or Zhuang characters.

Imetesthandler - Helper libraries with a common interface to write tests that interact with various

Imetesthandler is a library to help you write tests that interact with installed input methods on various operating systems. The goal is to setup your testing environment so that IME interactions can be predictable and allow your tests to behave as a real user would, by simulating his interactions with IME to the closest possible. All implementations share a common C++ interface (but wrappers around other languages are available) with which you can: activate an input engine deactivate an input e

Pyg-input - Chinese IME

an project about Chinese IME.


TouchMind is a Mind Map editor that uses the latest technologies to evaluate. Currently it uses Direct2D, HLSL, DirectWrite, Multi Touch, Ribbon Framework, Shell Lib and TSF.

Jshangulime - Hangul (Korean) IME built in Javascript

jshangulime is a Hangul IME built in Javascript. This project includes Hangul automata and an input front-end written in HTML.

Minilime - create a ime table with necessary han characters

My target is to create a minimal IME table for LIME (an input method framework on Android). Because of limited resource on the android target, I filtered out some uncommon Han characters from IME table. Zipped file for lazy person for instant importing to LIME at liu4-mini.zip