Triton Application Framework

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Triton Application Framework focuses on developing high quality enterprise applications by following simple programming principles and using concepts of State Machine to increase re usability of code by stringing the small units of work together.



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Tritone - Tritone implements checkbox groups. Children checkboxes that represent the same entity beh

Tritone basically implements checkbox groups. The group parent and its children are interdependent. Children checkboxes that represent the same entity behave as one. Examples at

Z80 - Z80 CPU Emulator Core

AboutZ80 CPU Emulator Core coded in C++. Whoic - teh shoe earthquacker triton - teh super awesome ninja

Alchemist and Korg Triton Tools

ALCHEMIST is a Korg Trinity to Triton PCG and SNG converter. KORGLIB is a set of C libraries to access Trinity, Triton and Z1 PCG/SNG data.

Dsk2prj2010-server - A calendar, communications and event server

This project is part of a second year project for undergraduate students in Computer and System Sciences at Stockholm University. This project houses the Server part, to which separate clients will connect remotely through RMI, and the accompanying Client Interfaces. The backend makes use of Hibernate and MySQL. Nyheter2010-05-25: Triton nedstängd 2010-05-21: Release 6 2010-05-20: Prestandaförbättring och chatt 2010-05-12: Release 4 2010-05-07: Release 3 2010-04-30: Release 2 2010-04-23: Rele

Triton-j2ee - Empty J2EE Application

Empty J2EE application that provides a starting point for any developer to bootstrap from. Provides a basic enterprise java application including configuration. Includes Hibernate, Spring, Struts 2, Spring MVC, BlazeDS, Tiles2, and jQuery all pre-configured and ready to start developing. Can be used as a starting point for learning or to start developing a large application easily. Excellent working examples of getting the following technologies up and running included: Spring/Hibernate Flex Rem

Altkey - A hotkey plugin for AIM Triton

AltKey will add hotkeys for AIM Triton that allow certain conversation tabs to be selected based on a user-defined modifier key combination and a number.


TritonCMS is a small ColdFusion-based Content Management System that will give any smaller business or entity the ability to create and publish a website with ease. It will have the ability for themes and in time plugins.

Triton-networking - Scalable, fault-tolerant and efficient layer 2 architecture for Data-Center Netw

Triton NetworkingPortLandIncreasingly computation and storage are migrating to dense data centers spread across the planet. Common web requests to services such as Facebook and Amazon run on hundreds or even thousands of machines randomly distributed across data centers that consist of tens or even hundreds of thousands of machines. With the advent of open source data-parallel toolkits such as Hadoop, organizations are able to process petabytes of data spread across thousands of machines. A comm

Triton-project - WebSNS

For the purpose of discussion and sharing of ideas. Consideration for all events, discussions and efforts aimed at building the SNS in the development of human society in thought and individual conscience in the range resolution is performed.