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[Deprecated] Travis Boxes makes provisioning and configuring Virtual Box machines simple and easy.



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nsq - A realtime distributed messaging platform

* **Docs**: [][docs] * **Twitter**: [@nsqio][nsqio_twitter][![Build Status](](**NSQ** is a realtime distributed messaging platform designed to operate at scale, handlingbillions of messages per day.It promotes *distributed* and *decentralized* topologies without single points of failure,enabling fault tolerance and high availability coupled with a reliable message deliveryguarantee. See [featur

sous-chef - Develop & test your OpsCode Chef cookbooks with pleasure with Vagrant & VirtualBox

Travis Sous Chef is a repository that makes development and testing of Chef cookbooks (for Travis CI but not just) easy. It brings practices that the Travis Development Team uses to develop new and test modified cookbooks for Travis CI to the masses.


A utility to create CoffeeScript library projects that integrate with Github, Travis CI & mocha out of the box

knn - K Nearest Neighbor Classifier in Clojure

[![Clojars Project](]([![TravisCI](]( is a k nearest neighbor classifier library written in Clojure. It supports a variety of distance functions out of the box, listed below. It has full test coverage.

BlackBox - [Experimental] Versatile storage library

BlackBox is a storage library that abstracts backends and data transformation behind simple interfaces.[![Build Status](]([![Coverage Status](]( data. "Where" and "how" can be decided later.