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There are pre-built binaries of the latest stable build for 64-bitLinux, OSX, and Windows available here via the following links. Pleasenote that the tests run on 64-bit Linux.* [Linux](* [OSX](* [Windows](* [SHA-256 checksums]( is also an [install script](./install) for Linux and OSX that maybe used like so:``` bashcurl -sL | bash```



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build-artifact-uploader - Uploads Build Artifacts from a CI Server (such as Travis)

Uploads Build Artifacts from a CI Server (such as Travis)

akka-patterns - Implementations of common enterprise integration patterns and more using Akka

The latest release is 0.0.1 - pending.[![Build Status](]( use in an SBT project add the dependency:```scalalibraryDependencies += "com.sksamuel.akka" % "akka-patterns_2_2.10" % "0.0.1"```And Maven users should add:```xml<dependency> <groupId>com.sksamuel.akka</groupId> <artifactId>akka-patterns_2.10</artifactId> <version>0.0.1</version></dependency>```You can always find the latest version on

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