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Transcribe text from one character set to another. Extensible, plug-in based architecture. Default plug-in uses XML rules files with regular expression based pattern matching. Default rules support transcribing latin character set to Tolkien's invented tengwar character set.



Related Projects


a tool for segmenting, labeling and transcribing speech

THL Tools (Tibetan and Himalayan Librar)

The Tibetan and Himalayan Library has several open-sourced tools for inputting, manipulating, translating, and transcribing Tibetan-language text, audio, and video. We aim to make using a computer easier for Himalayan peoples and scholars.


TranscriberAG is designed for assisting the manual annotation of speech signals. It provides a user-friendly GUI for segmenting long duration speech recordings, transcribing them, labeling speech turns, topic changes and acoustic conditions.

Transcriber-util - Utilities for working with .trs files from Transcriber

Among other things, Java code to parse .trs files from Transcriber:

Object-transcription-utility - compare between two different type, and transcribe the content

utilities : - transcribe an object to other similar type instance. now under construction ...

Speech-server - IM based speech server

Speech server written in Java. Provides the following resources: Synthesizer, player, recorder, transcriber, key word recognizer, speaker verifier. Resource control is via SIP instant messaging.

Gse-stereo-t - STEREO Segmentation & Transcript Reassembly Algorithms

Java implementation of a two-phase algorithm for the analysis of tiling microarray data. STEREO is "Simple Transcript Enumeration for the Reassembly of Overlapping Expression." The first phase chunks and segments tiling microarray data in order to discover transcribed genomic regions. The second phase attempts to re-assemble distinct transcribed regions into patterns of (possibly overlapping) transcripts. Details of the algorithm will be available in a forthcoming publication.


OpenTranscribe is a software to aid musicians in transcribing music. It lets you slow down a part of the music without affecting pitch. It also lets you loop over a section which have some tricky parts.

Luqi - Weiqi / Go game webcam auto-recorder

Tired of transcribing live games using paper and pencil? why not just aim a webcam at the board and have the computer record it for you? we hope to soon have a working program that will spit out an SGF file of your game, and then the next step is Go Text Protocol for live online simulcasting of a game.

Ts4isha - Java app for categorizing parts of documents. (Uses eXist xml db)

A Java application with a native xml database (eXist) back end. Allows users to import documents and define categorization metadata for selections made within the document. Primary motive is to provide a way of categorizing different topics occurring within transcribed recordings.