GPS Track Viewer

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GPS Track Viewer makes it easier to import and display track data from GPS devices. It is designed to be versatile, elegant and fast and supports various formats, e.g. TCX and GPX. You can browse through your data easily, viewing time, distance, average speed for selected ranges



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Google Map GPS Cell Phone Tracker

Track a GPS enabled cell phone on Google maps. Project includes J2ME cell phone source and source code to display data on your own website. Choose between .NET and MS SQL Server or PHP and MySQL.

GPS Tracker for Windows Mobile

Project Description: GPS Tracker is using Windows Mobile 5.0 device (PDA) for collecting GPS data. PDA sends GPS coordinates using Web services to server and saves data to SQL Server 2005. GPS Data can be visualized as new layer on Virtual Earth. Application can be used for ex...

Gpsdatasender - GPS data sender via HTTP POST

Creating small program to capture data from mobile GPS and send it via http post to the web based tracker.

Cutetracker - CuteTracker is a gps tracking app

CuteTracker is a GPS tracking Application for mobile devices. It uses Qt and QtMobility 1.2 packages. Screenshot

Aripuca-tracker - GPS tracking app for Android

Aripuca GPS Tracker is GPS tracking application for Android. Record tracks, save waypoints, use compass, import/export data to many formats, display tracks/waypoints on the map, compare tracks and track segments and much more!


A managed GPS client.

Traveltracker - Travel Tracker is a web based Java application to store and render GPX data files.

Travel Tracker is a web based java application to store and render GPS tracks. Additionally some blogging functionality shall be provided in the future.

Fototracker - Maps fotos to a gps track

Foto Tracker is developed using gwt and google maps it contains 3 parts. Track Editor is a gpx editor. It allows to change a gps track in the gpx format. Photo Mapper maps fotos to coordinates using the timestamp of the foto and a gps track. Photo Map show the fotos mapped with photo mapper on a map.

Speedtracker - Track GPS position and umts/hsdpa latency/downloadrate of your mobile telco provider

Use this software, to track bandwith-/downloadrate, latency and GPS values from your mobile devices! Test your current downloadrate / latency Create GPS-Tracks, together with downloadrate / latency Show and compare different tracks and mobile provider speedTracker contains two Java-based applications: speedTracker Mobile Edition 1.0.0 - a J2ME application for GPS mobiles (ex. S60) speedTracker Laptop Edition 2.0.0 - a JAVA application for usual laptops, GPS mouse and 3G card With the appropriate