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implementions of t9 technologies from mobile device to personal computer and laptop



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Caro-game-svn - Artificial Inteligence Game

Bài tập c� caro, môn trí tuệ nhân tạo, nhóm 9 CNT 49 �H1. Thành viên: Vũ �ình Trung, Lê Văn Vinh, Hoàng Văn Tuy�n, Mạc Văn Nghĩa, Mạc Hải Anh.


.Net Implementation of the BIDI algorithm, as described in

Php-sweph - PHP extension for Swiss Ephemeris

IntroductionPHP-SWEPH is a PHP extension to Astrodienst Swiss Ephemeris library. It's statically linked with libswe.a to implement one-to-one, C-to-PHP function mapping, no external binary executable are required. Function Prototype/Implementation StatusCurrently, for those function exported by sweph.c, swedate.c, swehouse.c, swephlib.c are implemented. IMHO, it is sufficient for general astrological calculation. Eclipse functions from swecl.c partially, and Heliographic function in swehel.c are

Fearofthedeath - Fear Of The Death

O Jogo Fear Of The Death é um jogo no estilo do velho e conhecido Pac-Man (Pac-Man Wikipedia). O jogo possui a característica marcante do Pac-Man (a fuga dos fantasmas) além de inovações em seus cenários, como a escolha do personagem (três são as opções: Shadow, Knuckles e Sonic), escolha de idioma (três são as opções: Português, Inglês e Espanhol), controle de volume, modo de tela (varia entre Modo Fullscreen e Modo Normal) e ranking com os 10 melhores jogadores. Como Jogar Baix

Curve-fit - A standalone Curve Fitting and Plotting API excised from NCGC CurveFit

A Curve Fitting and Plotting library. Curves can be plotted via JFreeChart and the Google Chart API. Curve is a Persistent class (Hibernate bean) and curves are designed to write into a single database table for performance. This project incorporates code from NCGC CurveFit ( a "United States Government Work". Specifically it derives from and makes use of classes and code within the gov.nih.ncgc.batch package. A binary jar file containing the incorpo

Peg-sharp - C# packrat parser

This library generates a C# parser for a language encoded into a Parsing Expression Grammar (PEG) along with optional semantic actions. The parser is implemented as a back-tracking recursive descent parser with memoization (i.e. a packrat parser) so it runs in linear time. The library has the follow advantages and disadvantages: +The language to be parsed is written using a PEG which provides an especially nice syntax for encoding languages (see the example below). +Parses are unambiguous: if a

Figurinharepetida - A simple Python tool that optimizes scripts for translation

A tool Figurinha Repetida, V. 1.0, foi feita para facilitar a vida de qualquer ROMHacker, extraindo as frases repetidas de um script de um determinado jogo, tendo em vista que algumas frases se repetiam de duas a três vezes, ou até mesmo mais. O programa funciona da seguinte forma: 1- Crie seu script. 2- Salve o script na mesma pasta do programa. 3- Rode o programa (lembrando que ele suporta entrada por linha de comando. Veja um exemplo no final do arquivo). 4- O programa criará dois arquivos

Scala-scales - Scales Xml is an alternative library for XML usage in Scala

Scales XML has now moved to Github for its code/issues etc: . 0.3 final will be released and tagged shortly from the Github sources. Amongst other things Scales Xml provides both a more flexible approach to XML handling and a simplified way of interacting with XML. It also fits nicely with the Java APIs you know, TrAX and javax.xml.validation for example, allowing you to run XSLTs and convert to and from Scales XML and other DOMs. It also provides a far

Jplop - Un moteur de tribune en Java

Saikoi ?Une tribune est une sorte de chat IRC version web. Ça sert à quoi ?D'abord à ploper. Ensuite à glander passer le temps à troller au lieu de travailler plus pour gagner plus. Parfois, on peut même obtenir de l'aide. Ça ressemble à quoi ?La page des captures d'écrans est là pour ça ! Ça marche avec tous les navigateurs ?Non, non et non ! Il faut un navigateur relativement récent qui supporte le XHTML 1.1, les CSS2 et le XSLT. :-) : Chrome Opera (9+) Firefox (1.0.2+) le reload

Qlqtpmgroup789 - Phần mềm ba�n thiê�t bị sô�

Phần mềm Ä‘Æ°Æ¡Ì£c xây dÆ°Ì£ng bởi 3 nhoÌ�m : 7,8,9NhoÌ�m 7 : CaÌ�c thaÌ€nh viên :1.\tPhan Gia Quang\t\t\t0712354 2.\tÄ�ặng Bảo Lá»™c\t\t\t0712241 3.\tBùi Phú Thá»�\t\t\t0712412 4.\tLê Hải Duy\t\t\t0712130 5.\tVÅ© Triệu Khoa\t\t\t0712224 ...... NhoÌ�m trưởng update thông tinNhoÌ�m 8 : caÌ�c thaÌ€nh viên :==MSSV Há»� Tên Mail SDT 0712331 lê văn phÆ°á»›c 01656148050 0712341 trần huỳnh phúc 01687169192 0712353 lê há

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