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ThreeAudio.js - ThreeAudio helps you create music visualizations in Three.js or tQuery.

ThreeAudio helps you create music visualizations in Three.js or tQuery.

Java-dao-helper - Simple DB Access

IntroductionThis is a common DaoHelper for multiple purposes on java apps. I provide a DBConnection class too, that provides the connection with the database. It is required the correct driver to do that, i.e: mysql connector --- Usage1) Create a Java application project. 2) Add DaoHelper.java and DBConnection.java 3) Customize DBConnection.java with your db connection data. 4) From any class you could do this... try{ QueryParameters params = new QueryParameters() { public void setParameters(Pre

Query2object - An easy to use DAL Component for .NET 2.0 or upper version of .NET Framework

two new features published in Source,support mssqlserver2000 database and Mysql database 中文手册 What is Query2ObjectIt's a DAL Component.We don't care the relationship between the entity object,it just make a strong typed query and translate the result list to a strong typed list,it also can update some property of the entity object to many records in database if the records match the query conditions,and it also can do delete action like this. we all kown that,to use database,we must use

Mysql-connector-go - Package to connect to MySQL from Go

MySQL ConnectorPurposeThe purpose of this project is to develop a clean and simple MySQL package for Google's new language Go. This project is still in an early stage, a clearer description will follow soon. So far the following functions are basically implemented: Opening connections Authenticating Running queries Closing connection Basic error handling Updated 11-20 Reading ResultSets seems to work, there's still a lot of work to be done, like refactoring (the code is a mess), testing, impleme

Perl-themoviedb-api - WWW::TheMovieDB::API

NOTICEThis project has been moved into CPAN, renamed to WWW::TheMovieDB::Search and is no longer be updated here. http://search.cpan.org/~pjobson/WWW-TheMovieDB-Search/lib/WWW/TheMovieDB/Search.pm NAMEWWW::TheMovieDB::API - Perl client to the TMDb API http://api.themoviedb.org/2.1 SYNOPSISA TMDb API client. DESCRIPTIONThis client lets you retrieve data from the TMDb API; I currently have not implemented methods to write to the API, I don't really plan on it, unless someone really wants the featu

Easy-eao - Easy EAO 致力于简化项目的 EAO 开�,�高开�效率

��已�更新为0.9版本,文档的更新将在近期完�。 定�Easy EAO �是一个框架,�是一个简便��好的 EAO 开�工具,是对主�开�框架的补充。 概述Easy EAO 致力与简化 EAO 层的开�,以��项目整体的开�效率。他利用 EAO 层的特点,使 EAO 层的开��需�编写实现类,仅需�编写接�并使用特定的 Annotation 声明就�以自动完�。 他对主�的开�框架以�件形��供支�(目

Yasq - Yet Another SharePoint Querier

YASQA jQuery plugin to make short & sweet queries to the SharePoint SOAP services API in JavaScript. IncludedThe following functions are (so far) included to manage SharePoint Lists: getListItems modListItems addListItems delListItems getCurrentUserData UsageBasic copy and paste example: <script src="http://ajax.googleapis.com/ajax/libs/jquery/1.4.4/jquery.min.js"></script><script src="http://yasq.googlecode.com/files/yasq.js"></script><script>$.yasq('getListItems',{\tsite:'http://yoursite/yourp

clader-tquery - Clade coders series to teach tQuery

Clade coders series to teach tQuery


a boiletplate for tQuery

meteor-tquery - Meteor plugin for including tQuery (Three.js plugin system)

Meteor plugin for including tQuery (Three.js plugin system)