Implementation of Hydrological Model(TOPMODEL) in Arcmap using ArcObjects API

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This is a project which implements the topmodel in ArcMap environment.



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Easy ArcGIS Library

Easy ArcGIS Library is a set of C# .net classes that wrap the common functionality of ArcObjects, that help ArcGIS developers do a lot of common functions in less time and direct way.

AVPython: Python Support for ArcView GIS

AVPython embeds the Python programming language within ArcView GIS 3.x. This project will also encompass efforts to build a similar bridge between Python and ArcObjects. An integrated, redistributable Python / PyWin32 setup wizard is also published here.

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This project is the web services and the central catalog for the CUAHSI Hydrologic Information System (HIS) is an internet-based system for sharing hydrologic data.

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This is a simple geoprocessing tool that extracts adjacency information from a layer of polygons. The output is a polyline layer with one record for each border between each pair of neighboring polygons. Download v. 0.1. After downloading and installing, you can right-click on a new toolbox, choose "Add -> Tool", and select Boundary Generator under the "MWSW Geoprocessing Tools" group. You can also find MWSW Boundary Generator on the "Index" toolbox view. Highly recommended: Send a blank email t

HydroDesktop - CUAHSI Hydrologic Information System Desktop Application

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Easyarcgislib - Easy ArcGIS Library

ArcGIS is a complex system, that based internally on ArcObjects, to program with ArcObjects you have to work with thousands of classes and interfaces, and sometimes it is really time-consuming task to do some simple things. They say that most people use 20% of software functionality 80% of times, Easy ArcGIS Library (EAGL) is an expample of the Facade pattern where you have a complex system (ArcObjects) and you want to cover this complexity with other set of classes. This library tries to simpli

Kml-soc-ncsa - Mapping Geo-spatial and temporal information to/and from KML

This project is to map Geo-spatial/temporal/thematic semantic information to/and from KML. The code developed in this project will include transforming other GIS data formats such as shapefiles (Vector), GeoTiff (Raster), webservices such as WaterOneFlow to KML, and two-way transformation between KML and RDF(Resource Definition Framework). The result of this project would allow the convergence of GeoWeb and Semantic Web.

Ziggis - PostGIS connector for ArcGIS

zigGIS v1.2 is no longer supported although it will remain available here for download. zigGIS v2.0 is now a commercial product and includes major stability improvements, performance increases, and full editing capabilities. For more details, please see Obtuse Software's website.

topmodel - an experiment

an experiment