Development of common tools

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Development of common tools



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Myrpm - Rpm building tools, server park and cluster rpm managed utilities

PresentationMyrpm is a set of utilities allowing you to turn easily software into rpm package. More than a simple set of script, it allow you to manage large groups of server in a elegant and efficient way. the packaging tools are coming with a set of tools to remote control cluster and group of server. Myrpm is perfect to generate RPM from binary install server and redeploy it fastly and easily. RPM offers a true followning plateform software life cycle. Myrpm offers you the way to put it in ap

Moodiapo - MooDiapo - slideshow plugin for MooTools

MooDiapo allows you to make a non-intrusive slideshow directly into a web page. It uses mootools-1.2.3 and the Asset component available in the "more" MooTools builder.


flac-tools provides flac123, a command line flac player that is similar to mpg123.

Tweag - Security and stress testing tools

drench and rst have moved to GitHub. Tweag \\Tweag\\, Tweague \\Tweague\\, n. A pinching condition; perplexity; trouble; distress. [Obs. or Prov. Eng.] (1913 Webster) tweag/net: Requirements: libnet, libpcap These utilities were written under NetBSD. They work under Mac OS X and should work under any BSD. Some minor changes needed to work under Solaris and Linux. tweag/net/drench: Flood a service using stateless TCP connections. Example: drench -i en1 -d -p 3689 -r 3 -c 100 tweag/n

Webtool123 - a php web tool for agile web development

New UpdatePHP 简�转� / �簡轉� Chinese Traditional / Simplified //require mb_string str_chinese_trad("标准字") == "標準字"str_chinese_simp("標準字") == "标准字"View Live Demo here

Octoms - The PHP Framework

AboutOctoMS is a PHP framework and a Project Management Tool. GoalsBetter application debugging // The "wizard" loads on error: trigger_error("String",123); // Or on an uncaught exception: throw new Exception("Foo",1); // Or on call anywhere inside your controller: help("Search term"); $this->__invoke("Search term"); # if the current class extends octoms{} $this("Search term"); # same as above; available from PHP 5.3+ // Or by adding ?debug:{user email} on any page you wish to debug # The browse

arn Music Manager

The aim of the project is to implement a funny SDL-based user interface for mpg123, mkisofs, cdrecord, lame and other very powerfull command-line based tools. Feel Free to see your music on your TV

Jsmocktool - Javascript Mock Tool of RSpec Style.

Javascript Mock Tool is Mock library of RSpec style. Easy use Mock or Stub object! 20110626mock object(verify, verify_all, reset, reset_all) the methods added. mock("Foo.Bar").should_receive("test").with_param(1,2).and_return("2");Foo.Bar.test(1,2);mock("Foo.Bar").verify("test"); -> {"total":1,"[1,2]":1};//If you call the method call returns, unless obj throw error.mock("Foo.Bar").clear("test"); -> {"total":0};//Is initialized to the information you've call.20090616namespace bug fix. mock("Foo.B


mp3burn is a simple command line tool for making audio CDs from mp3s, oggs or FLACs without filling up your disk with .wav files. It requires perl, mpg123, oggenc, flac and cdrecord.

Pre-processor-java - a pre-processor for multi program languages based on java

Awards Preprocessor-Java 0.1 - 100% Free more is here WelcomeWelcome to the Java Preprocessor project! This project is a pre-processor for multi program languages based on java. FeaturesFirstly, It can run with: Command line GUI ant task Moreover, basically, It can do a preprocess work for any text files, such as code and plaint text, whatever. of course, it is more valuable for processing the code files. And, it supports boo

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