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TitleBar is a custom and highly customizable titlebar for .Net Windows Forms applications.




Related Projects

Rhythmbox Titlebar plugin

Plugin for GNOME Rhythmbox which shows currently playing song on focused window titlebar.

Altcanvas - SVG based GUI framework

InkfaceAltcanvas is a project for developing a new and more intuitive GUI framework for handheld devices. A key difference between handheld devices and desktop is the absence of keyboard. With the advent of touchscreen interfaces, the application GUI on handhelds need to be designed in a different paradigm. They should look more like natural objects rather than rectangular windows with titlebars. The altcanvas project develops a GUI framework named "inkface" that enabled composing SVG based GUI.

Fancy Windows Forms

Library which allows you to paint custom titlebar, statusbar, borders, titlebar buttons,etc.

Customize-titlebar - Customize Titlebar Firefox Add-on

Firefox Add-on that let's you modify the text in the titlebar. Can add your own text, or use parameters for version numbers, page titles, page URL etc.

Android-titlebar - adding a backbutton to Android's titlebar (just like the iPhone)

First the titlebar is customized using themeing. Then a button with two states (normal, pressed) is inserted and using a listener it supports back functionality.

Jquery-dialogextend - jQuery DialogExtend Plugin - Maximize and Minimize Buttons for UI Dialog

Latest ReleaseVersion 1.0 OverviewNeat, simple, and unobtrusive Extending (instead of replacing) original jQuery UI dialog Maximize and minimize buttons Double-clickable title bar Enhanced title bar options Configurable icons Custom events DependsjQuery 1.4 jQuery UI 1.8.0 DemoTest Tool : http://jsbin.com/ajuwa/19 Optionsmaximize Type: Boolean Default: false minimize Type: Boolean Default: false dblclick Type: Boolean, String Default: false Valid: false, 'maximize', 'minimize', 'collapse' (new i

Firefox-hide-caption-titlebar-plus - "Maximize your content space by controlling the presence o

Hide Caption Titlebar Plus - Hide Caption of Firefox improved! - Firefox Addon Main Page @ addons.mozilla.org: https://addons.mozilla.org/firefox/addon/13505/

Clockatt - アクティブウィンドウ�タイトル�ー�張り付�時計 カレンダー

What's clockAtt?clockAtt � アクティブウィンドウ�タイトル�ー�張り付�時計�� アクティブウィンドウ�タイトル�ー�張り付�時計 ��や�カレンダー表示��能(�日等�カスタマイズ�能) アクティブウィンドウ�タイトル履歴をログ�出力 アラーム�スケジュール管����機能も追加予定 動作環境.NET Framework 2.0 SP1 �インストール�れ��るWindowsマシン AnounceVer

Rtoss - RTOSS: some programs and scripts that was created or modified by me

RTOSS: some programs and scripts that was created or modified by me Which contains: ATrack - my own simple audio tracker File Releases - my own file release PHP script FileList - Modified Directory Listing Script by Ash Young GSPlayeR - Modified GSPlayer by GreenSoftware, Information page GreenPad - Modified GreenPad by k.inaba, Download binary in Blog entry GreenPad-nt350 - a fork of GreenPad for running in NT 3.50 merged to GreenPad GreenPad-nt31 - a fork of GreenPad-nt350 for running in NT 3.

Polarbearcms - A small yet powerful CMS for PHP/MySQL

PolarBear CMSPolarBear CMS is a Content Management System used and developed by the nice people at MarsApril. Since it has developed into a pretty nice and usable system we thought it would be a shame to not share this with the world. So here you have it. Hope you enjoy it as much as we do! :) Update October 2010I'm not 100 % sure, but I think there will be no more updates to this project. It was a fun ride, but I've moved several core components of PolarBear into WordPress plugins instead. That

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