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Lightweight, open source and simple OPDS server implementation on C#/.NET.




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Calibre2opds - Generates OPDS and HTML catalogs from the Calibre ebooks database.

Calibre2opds can generate OPDS and HTML catalogs from the metadata of the Calibre e-book library manager. These catalogs can then be used both to browse your e-book library online and also to download books on demand. The project homepage is http://calibre2opds.com

Scryf - Ebook Collaborative Platform

ScryfApplication en ligne de collaboration et d'échange autour du texte numérique (lecteur, editeur, annotations) Online Dynamic Application that gives all ebook collaborative necessary tools (reader, editor, annotations) Manifest- Partager la lecture et l'écriture de textes sans intermédiaires (éditeur, critiques, distributeur) - ... SpécificationsRéseau SocialPagesPage Perso Membre / Profil Page perso groupe Page perso Oeuvre ModulesLes Plucks Mots Cléfs Fonction suivre Fiche critique


A personal eBook Library. Browsable as website and as OPDS catalog


A project intended to grab content from different e-book libraries and serve it as OPDS catalog

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