Xinx TimeIt!

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TinyAlarm is a small utility that allows you to configure an Alarm so that you can opt for 1. Shutdown computer 2. Play a sound 3. Show a note with sound 4. Disconnect a dial-up connection 5. Connect via dial-up connection



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Timeitj - A web-based tool for timetracking

timeIT is an application for timetracking written using the Java-Enterprise Framework.

Python-socks5 - A simple sock5 Server that written in Python

A simple sock5 Server that written in Python,for current time,it only works,and do not support UDP and BIND yet.

eZing Builder

eZing Builder is a eclipse plugin,and it can create a application(J2EE,others MIS) in very short time.It like PowerBuilder and Visual Web Developer ,but it use XQuery to access XML-DB. It includes a WYSIWYG html editor.Tapestry components are supported.

Visualpytune - A tool for Python program performence tuning.

VisualPyTune is a python program performance tuning tool, based on wxPython. It can show you a callgraph(doing), stats report, callees, callers, and caky charts. finaly, you can remove inessential information very easy. News3/26/2010 0.1.3 released! 1/25/2008 0.1.2 released! 12/14/2007 0.1.1 released! 11/31/2007 0.1.0 released! Download Changs log

Numexpr - Fast numerical array expression evaluator for Python and NumPy.

What It IsThe numexpr package evaluates multiple-operator array expressions many times faster than NumPy can. It accepts the expression as a string, analyzes it, rewrites it more efficiently, and compiles it on the fly into code for its internal virtual machine (VM). Due to its integrated just-in-time (JIT) compiler, it does not require a compiler at runtime. Also,numexpr implements support for multi-threading computations straight into its internal virtual machine, written in C. This allows to

Doogle - Its a html indexer and a search engine using the cosine measure as ranking algorithm

Its a college practical work that consists of an indexer and a search engine.The indexer will create the needed data types to allow the search engine find results in an acceptable time.It will use the cosine measure to rank the results found.

Mareo - MAREO: Multiple Applications Runner for EAC and Others

MAREO, spanish for ‘dizziness’, is a special program for CD rippers and other audio compression frontends that has the ability to execute multiple encoders for each track ripped, allowing to encode to multiple audio formats at the same time.It can be used to rip to FLAC (for archival) and MP3 (for MP3 Player use) at once, or to WavPack and Ogg Vorbis, or to Monkey’s Audio and AAC, etc.Once properly configured, MAREO is called from the frontend software (be it EAC or Others), as if it where

Benchrun - Python benchmarking utility

Benchrun is a Python script for defining and running performance benchmarks. It allows you to run a benchmark for different versions of the code and for different values of an input parameter, and automatically generates tables that compare the results. Source code: -- current version from the Subversion repository -- example script that benchmarks different methods to compute Fibonacci numbers -- example script that compares the performance of sympy and sy

timeit -

pickle-benchmarks - Benchmarks of different pickle protocols using timeit

Benchmarks of different pickle protocols using timeit